Women Elite Novel: Unvoted

Any doubts Veronica maybe had on the first day, disappeared very soon. She didn’t remember, that the phone would ring so often for the last years. And all of these hungry journalists wanted and asked for an interview. From their insisting, it was obvious, that Veronica is in the middle of action. She controlled the media.

And yet, so little was enough to start all this commotion. In Navratil’s famous tabloid magazine ‘Heavy Slander’, an article appeared, there was written something like this:

Well known fashion model and socialite Veronica Blahova from Brno decided, to enter the political battlefield and to hit hard the municipal struggle for power in Brno-Kohoutovice, which started in advance, long before Municipal election this year. All participated political parties, understanding her influence, are trying to persuade her, to become right their component, and to help them to victory in election, by her public recognition and fame.

“I never thought about making this step in my life, but the citizens of city quarter, where I live, asked me widely for a long time, to help them to enforce their justified interests, because their voices are not heard by the present Town hall.

My interest is not supporting any current political party. I stay neutral. But I will make maximum effort to reform the local conditions. Another continuation of the present grim situation is out of question. The citizens ask for substantial changes in the Social Affairs policy, administration of public property, and public security in the streets. I will interpret these demands very forcibly on the proper political places, and if there will be no remedies soon, mandate of the current municipal establishment definitively ends after this year’s election.”

Unseen, unheard ruthlessness of this strong proclamation was enough to start moving all things around. The people asked for explanations, reasons, answers. She could serve them easily. Denise was right, it was not so hard. And by repetition she was making her answers yet better and more persuasive, so in a short time, they sounded very real, very honorably.

She was instructed to stay with media expressions yet, and not to make any negotiations with political subjects and persons. To wait, who will approach her, and will ask for her support.

It didn’t take long, and they started to sound her out, searching for clues. They requested noncommittal meetings in the best restaurants of Brno. To talk, to socialize, nothing big, nothing binding.

She waited for an instruction from above, which came after precise analysis of the situation, regarding political conditions on the Town hall, and the potential of the hungry opposition. Then Veronica got the green light.

The meeting took place in a famous bar for the celebrities, no hiding, nothing discreet at all. She was instructed for this step too: to make the opposite side to approach her publicly, and the public could explain this event very clearly, that they desperately need her, that she is the person of key value, high significance. Who showed in this joint, couldn’t be overlooked, and that is why everybody had to see them with her, the whole Brno, and it meant a clear indication, who can possibly have her support, or at least some chance for it.

Naturally, Veronica didn’t come to the meeting alone, but escorted by three men, and their well built bodies and strict looks indicated, that it had no sense or hope for success, to try to scare her, stop her on the growth to public power.

Meanwhile, in the Town hall, there was a complete mess and fear, as if the election was lost already, in advance. Gossips and talks, spreading through Kohoutovice, were really frightening for the current political representation: allegedly, behind Veronica should be standing a prominent, secret sponsor, who decided to invest into the local election unbelievable amount of 2.000.000 USD, and that was shocking high amount, nobody could believe it. But later, when a local rich man stepped in front, and admitted, that yes, that he would like to support the political activities of Veronica Blahova, because he trusts her completely, everybody understood, that the times and local situation is changing forever.

What else could the Town hall make, than a counter move? To try some tactics, to save all this dangerous, risky situation, even for a high price, and the way was only one: although the election didn’t go off yet, unvoted Veronica got a responsible, honorable and high position in a very important town hall branch, the administration of the public property, in the value of hundred of millions USD.

She accepted, she wouldn’t accept anything smaller anyway, because now, she had influence. It went all so fast! But it was just a beginning of the new tale. Because everybody knew, that she won’t stop. That she will go up permanently, to the Parliament mandate, and it is necesary to be friendly with her, to keep a good relationship with her, to provide her with support, because that is a reasonable investment, able to return back favorably one day. Her influence in Brno was rising every day, and in the Parliament, somebody should start cleaning her future seat.

For ‘Special Unit C102’, Veronica turned out as yet more valuable asset, than expected. She used her new high social position, and came with a suggestion, to use some Lenka Horakova, 21 years old, for the Operation ENTITA, fulfilling their demands without exception. And not only that, when they explained to Lenka, what is asked from her, Veronica explained all of that herself, under Denise’s supervision. Lenka, same as Veronica believed, that all of this has some higher purpose. That she doesn’t make all this just for herself, but she can help to something higher, be a honorable person.

The new female elite was growing, able to reach the most courageous goals, and to be useful to the matters of higher interests.

Alan Svejk