Women of Islam: Albatool Jahaf

Islam is the religion of peace, freedom, morality, truth, and good examples. For any Muslim, it’s a completely natural mission to do good righteous deeds for his or her vicinity, to inspire others, to feel purpose and mission, given by Allah, where is no place for doubts and underestimating yourself. In Islam, every human being has a fixed value, not related to any evaluation, criticism or disdain of others. Allah loves all his creations absolutely: and His endless Mercy and Compassion provide relief even in the hardest times of life, if you are a beliver.

Without an doubt, the future of Europe belongs to Islam. This process is running from below, as more and more people are discovering the ultimate advantages only Allah can give to them, under only one condition: submitting his or her will to him completely, living by the simple but the most effective rules, allowing close connection with their Creator all times of the day. From dawn till dusk, His servant are not alone, not deserted: they live in worship and happiness.

Naturally, the proud Muslims stand out of the crowd, as their determination and strength allows them to reach for many life achievements, including public life: then, they are noticed, and appreciated.

In the small spa city of Teplice, northwestern Bohemia (Czech Republic), there is a critically important and influential Islamic enclave established, and new young Muslim generation is growing there, with clear future: to become a part of public affairs, to do something beneficial not only for themselves, but also for the society, realizing their responsibility for the future of the community and the state.

Eman Ghaleb, a student and Czech Islamic volunteer activist, bold and bright, perceived as a symbol of the upcoming Muslim generation, was already mentioned. But there are more shining examples like her: for example, Albatool Jahaf, a young girl of the same age, also originating from Yemen, who also influences public matters, as she made good results in the sport of taekwon-do, and she was invited to be a national CZ representative.

The famous photo, where she is standing between her female colleagues smiling widely, with hijab carefully combined with the kimono with the clearly visible national symbols, is really a paradigm shift in the perception of Muslim participation in the Czech public space.

Although the sports is basically apolitical and not related to any religion in its nature, the hijab is a firm part of Albatool Jahaf’s identity, so she doesn’t remove it anywhere on the public, and she publicly declares her strong affiliation to Islam. And this has to be respected by others: Islam makes anybody a better person, who lives morally, who does good deeds, who can show others a better way of life.

These fine young women like Eman Ghaleb or Albatool Jahaf are the promise of a better future of the faithless Czech lands, where the Christian religion failed horribly and disappointed everybody. Now, the crowds of lost people are wandering, not able to find themselves, their purpose and mission, drinking to calm their bitterness, comitting adultery and many sins. But you meet these Muslim women, and you are get the answers you need: it’s possible to live a different, better life, which is more sustainable for you, and for the society. You can become somebody, you can save and turn your life, and save yourself.

And from male angle of view, Islamic women, with their high honor and honorable behavior in the relations, they are much more promising brides, than their Western counterparts, who don’t know what to do with life and themselves, who don’t realize and understand their position and mission too well, who become sexual objects voluntarily.

Such examples simply prove that Islamic women have many special qualities and talents, which make them the most impressive: both in social and public life. They should become examples for the young Czech girls, who are discovering this new and better inspiration. One day, hijabs and abayas will be the most trendy dresses in the whole Europe, praised by all: and the new generation will be saved from decadence and emptiness, leading them astray.

The young generation desperately need such good examples: and Islam gives you everything you ever needed, and much more. You can be somebody, you can get strength, feeling of important purpose of your creation, feeling of being loved and accepted, to be a part of the whole.

There is nothing better in the world, than Allah and Islam. If you submit yourself to Allah, you have everything, regardless of your social and material possessions. If Allah is at the first place, you are safe, protected and blessed, and everything comes to you, including love and success.

And Islamic women, they are simply a miracle to admire and follow.

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