Women of Islam: Angela Magdici. Forbidden Islamic Romance. She Found Her Destiny in Islam

She was once a mindless consuming victim of corrupted postmodern Western society, drowning in wealth and decadence, but any woman needs Islam, so Almighty Allah, the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful, who always listens, He liberated her from darkness of sin, misery, emptiness, ignorance and endless wandering, never finding satisfaction, happiness and purpose

Woman Needs Islam

With Him, Angela Magdici found her destiny, and the only pure love

Indeed, Allah Creates miracles, so submit to His will finally, convert to Islam, become a Muslim, be a slave of Allah, to receive endless rewards and advantages

Angela Magdici (*1984) was once a woman of average beauty, but Allah granted her great physical strength and durability, so she inclined to rather male activities, including combat, like thai box, and she found an unusual job in a Swiss Limmattal prison, near Zurich, serving there as a jailor at male section, because there is alleged gender equality in the Western world nowadays.


Balanced, cold, hard, ruthless, not afraid of the violent prisoners, well physically equipped, not hesitating to punch back, she never allowed inmates close to her skin, deserving their respect.


Yeah, you know this type of “modern” women: fighting in wars, including martyrdom, whereas men are cooking, taking care of children, or designing clothes. That is the “progress” of decadent Western society, plagued with harmful social engineering.

Angela tried to play the life by the infidel rules, to be a good infidel girl. Doing, what is allegedly right, so she married some infidel fool, much younger, than her, living her Swiss dream. But this marriage wasn’t and couldn’t be happy, as Allah, her creator, had other plans with her.

Still, wasn’t she cute on her wedding? Her dress was so modest, and Allah likes modesty. And flower in her hair indicated, that inside that strong female body, able to give birth to ten children, there is a romantic soul of a real woman, who desires to submit to a superior force, to be a little girl, who feels protected, so she can leave all the defensive layers of her “bitch shield” (=strategy of women, to deter Beta-class suitors, by being harsh and inaccessible. Only strong male individuals, who are not willing to accept initial refusal, proving their durability and toughness, will pass this test).


Deep inside Angela, she was looking for an absolute masculinity to impress her, which can be found only in Allah, as He is the real manhood, and His devoted harbingers, like Hassan Kiko (*1990)


Hassan Kiko, originally a refugee from Syria, known to have little respect for cheap Western sluts, found new home in wealthy Zurich, Switzerland, where he worked as a hair stylist and enjoyed training in a gym, and he was unlawfully condemned to 4 years in prison, for alleged rape of a 15-years old girl, who allegedly tried to extort him, and Hassan was innocent.


But love can’t wait: and so it happened, that Angela Magdici fell in love with Hassan, and madly, even her relationship with her new infidel husband collapsed, and her only thought was: how to be with the man she loved?


Surely she started to study Qur’an and to learn Arabic, to be yet close to the man, who stole her heart, just because he was a real man, unlike that weak Western fools, who drink female poison in drinking water, stealing their miserable pseudo-manhood from them, brainwashed by female propaganda to become “modern” man, rather a rat than an eagle, afraid of spreading female legs without asking, which women secretly despise as powerless losers.

But a real man, he takes, what he wants: and if Hassan truly desired for Angela, if she wasn’t only some temporary and easily replaceable excitement behind bars for him, it was indeed a blessing for her.

From her angle of view and personal interests, Hassan was a gift from Allah for her, together with Islam. Indeed, there is always a reason to thank Allah, by saying “Alhamdulillah” (=All praise is due to Allah).


Hassan, a devoted servant of Allah, he was so different, something completely else and improved, than all she knew about men, so much more impressive, that unbelievable avalanche of unknown passion hit Angela’s excited body, desiring for real love by a real man. Or was Hassan executing so called Love Jihad on her? Anyway, she decided to throw out her old infidel life, and flee with Hassan, towards Islamic happiness, at least temporary.


Not only she converted to Islam because of Hassan’s influence and leadership, discovering Allah for herself, but she also orchestrated his liberation from prison, escaping to Italy with a BMW X1, which she co-owned with her husband.

After one month of illegal but sweet honeymoon, the pair of lover fugitives was apprehended by malicious infidel INTERPOL police, as large manhunt was launched across whole Europe, to “save” Angela from alleged Islamic brainwashing. But the girl made her choice: and when you choose Islam, you will never want to go back.


Still, the escape helped them both, and the world, as more suffering, unsatisfied women were informed about immense beauty of Islam and male qualities of Muslims, she found the man of her life, and Hassan’s future professional career will be most shining, as soon as he will leave prison: in their very controversial move, the reputated male fashion brand “Hunter’s Instinct” offered a good fashion modeling job to Hassan, although criticized, that they support various Islamic radicals and criminals. But multinational Wu Corporation, the brand’s owner, originating from Shanghai, China, denies all accusations swiftly:

“If we want to prevent recidivism of released prisoners, harming the society, it’s necessary to provide good jobs for them, so they won’t have any reason to the life of crime. Moreover, Wu Corporation considers the romance between Angela and Hassan so sweet and inspiring, that this kind of support is the least we can do for them. Let them persuade us, whether their love is true.”

Hunter’s Instinct: Male Fashion Brand. For Man Who Takes What He Wants

In the end, it seems, that Angela got everything she wanted in life: Allah granted it for her, as only He has such power! Cute and modest Angela even enjoys the media publicity now, speaking honestly about her prison love, making further good advertisement for Islam, particularly between European women, and executing da’wah, the Islamic missionary activity, duty of any Muslim, very well, to please Allah, who gave her real happiness.


She also confirms her new modesty and obedience by covering her hair under hijab, pleasing Allah yet more. Why should be scared of her own court sentence, if she is protected and guided by Him? How could some infidel fools judge her, if only Allah has such right? How could they compare to His ultimate might over the world and everything, which He has created?


But the most important thing is, that Angela Magdici is happy, finding finally, what she was looking for so long, fulfilling her destiny. Her life plan is simple now: with the permission of Allah, to be a woman of Islam, obeying Allah’s command, to give birth to ten future soldiers of unstoppable Islamic army of conquest, taking Switzerland and Europe back from corrupted, weak infidels.

And you can be happy too, if you accept Islam. Then, Allah will give you everything you need, including love, respect and all you desire, including fulfilling of your most secret dreams, which you never told to anybody, as Allah always listens, He sees and hears everything, He knows about your good deeds, so don’t hesitate to speak to Him, even as an apparent infidel, to see your beautiful dreams fulfilled, as Angela Magdici did!

And don’t forget to serve Allah, using love as means of Islamic conquest, in beautiful Love Jihad, liberating poor infidel souls:
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