Women of Islam: Anne Hasselblattova

If you are born into a wealthy family with VIP status, it could seem, that you have all the doors opened in your life. But in practice, life is ruthless for everybody, and unless you are under the ultimate guidance and protection of Allah Almighty, as His devoted servant and worshipper, it’s too easily to be cornered, like a young innocent girl, Anne Hasselblattova (*1997), originating from Cernosice, a small town near Prague, perceived as a VIP suburbs for the national elite, where many luxurious villas are standing proudly, providing cozy homes and privacy to their wealthy and reputated inhabitants, who live their dreams, watching the world from the top, unlike the common folk, counting coins in their wallets, as the economic crisis 2008 never ended, to this day.

Anne’s father was a well known hockey player, a member of the Czech national hockey team, winning gold medals at World Championships 1996 (Vienna, Austria), and Winter Olympics 1998 (Nagano, Japan), marking the absolute top of his sports career. However, as a sport star, he succumbed to countless natural temptations, being seduced by many women, who desired to live in the shining light of media fame, and of course sharing his wealth, so he left his young wife, Suzanne, who dedicated her young life to him, leaving her to take care of their daughter alone, and started a new life with a mistress, leaving the family mansion, to “be able to breath again”.

This treason of her husband filled Suzanne with anger, and hatred. She became obsessed to be somebody, to show him, what big mistake he did, to heal her own bitterness. Fortunately, he provided the family with generous financial support, ordered by divorce court, so when Anne grew up and started visiting a grammar school, Suzanne used the money and her VIP social connections to open a fashion boutique, located at famous Parizska street in Prague, “the best address”, where all the top luxury brands can be found, opening their marquess daily at 10AM exactly, regardless of what happens in the world, how many people just died in countless wars, or by starvation.

For the following ten years, Suzanne struggled to keep the business alive. But it was hard: in Parizska, the distinctive rules were valid. Even as a reputated entrepreneur, you were like a rabbit in a minefield: you had to move quickly, but carefully, as many vultures wanted to persuade you to share your resources with them, or to fail, including domestic and foreign mafiosos and racketeers, who had nothing to lose and didn’t fear imprisonment, also corrupted, hungry municipal politicians, who never had enough and who owned the residential building, where Suzanne’s boutique was, various shady entities with interests unknown, but using sharp elbows, and of course your business competition, smiling at you publicly and wishing you good luck, but stabbing you in the back with cold blood… but the worst of the all enemies were the tabloid media.

One single negative article in the famous ‘Heavy Slander’, a key Czech tabloid magazine, was enough to literally destroy you socially, and then, your business followed into the doom. If you weren’t Louis Vuitton, Prada or Cartier, the critical problem was, that Parizska was not only about merchandise, but mostly about people, about personal brands. And if someone wanted and managed to damage your personal brand, writing some well manufactured, persuasive and reliable slander about you… you were almost finished in this business.

So you had to pay and bribe not only criminal racketeers and hungry politicians, wolves in business suits, but also the journalists, for “protection” and “spending good word”. Indeed, this business was only for the strong personalities, with very strong stomachs… Suzanne survived ten years in this jungle, packed in shining glamour, but since the New Year 2015, many problems started surfacing, hard to be contained, and the future seemed more than uncertain, so she started to “solve” the problems with wine, consumed at the famous “Barock” restaurant nearby, or at home, secretly, driving there intoxicated.

Still, Anne was the sunshine of Suzanne’s life. A top student of a reputated Prague high school, visiting the third grade in Spring 2015, and representing the Czech Republic in the sports of volleyball as a junior, her options seemed bright: until that fateful mistake, when she became pregnant, and except her idiotic immature boyfriend, who had interests only in skateboards and joints, another man could be the culprit: a slight mistake at the snowboarding trip at the mountains, with vast consequences.

Her mother never approved or liked Anne’s boyfriend, but she tolerated him, to be “a good mom”, who “respects her daughter’s choices”… at least in front of her VIP friends. At home, she had another, much less nice face, not willing to see the boy in common areas of the villa.

Anyway, just yesterday, Anne was reading Prévert’s verses, living her young dream… and now, she should become a mother herself, at the age of only 18 years.

She knew exactly, what will follow, that her mother will curse her, and send her into the hell, threatening Anne to kick her out of the house, as she will put the family into “shame”, or persuading her with loving smile, to visit the abortion clinic, to “solve the situation”.

Anne was suddenly under heavy stress, and no one could help her. She realized, how alone she was in this situation, she was scared of her body, where an unwanted alien was growing, taking nutrients from her food… it was too soon to mature for the girl.

In such hard moments, people often discover Allah, the Most Compassionate and Most Merciful, the Protecting Friend and Patron, the only one who can provide relief from suffering, but also the future, even without all the villas and money, just because you find your balance, purpose, mission, and you remove your ego from the rule, replacing it with the love and trust to Allah, putting Him at the first place, before everybody and everything: family, lovers, friends, property, silly personal dreams, so you can find the necessary stability in life, being independent of all human beings and circumstances, who can crush you, corrupt you, and disappoint you, take you off the Path.

The same happened to Anne. She remembered Allah, maybe because the media was full of Syrian refugees, Muslims, who sought refuge in the Europe… or was it fate?

Anyway, she called for His help in her desperation and distress, and she promised Him, to submit to Him fully, giving Him her body and mind, the only two things she really possesed, if He can help her somehow.

And He really helped. In the end, everybody was satisfied: Anne had a beautiful, healthy and sweet daughter, called Nicole, and her mother found immense opportunities in the situation: the ‘second’ possible father was found to be one of the highly positioned executives of the Prague subsidiary of the extremely powerful ‘Wu’ multinational corporation, suspected to have deep ties with the Chinese government, and serving as a tool for promoting Chinese state interests worldwide, backed generously with money.

Once a soldier of the Czech Military, who fought as a NATO mercenary in Iraq, to participate in infamous “War On Terror”, the man returned home with his chest full of medals, but with his nerves really exhausted from all that omnipresent IEDs (=explosive traps), constant insurgent rocket attacks and ambushes, lurking everywhere, so he decided to change the career, leaving the Army as Captain of the Infantry, and entered the structures of business, making a good career progress, allegedly taking part in the military-industrial complex, supplying Chinese with the state secrets, as everything was for sale in the decadent Western society, including the latest, most advanced U.S. laser weaponry, ‘Avenger DEW’.

These business transactions were often staged as simple thefts, so the masterminds could be covered, with their shields remaining fully clean, and only pawns could be caught, and accused of high treason… still, you needed a reliable person to deliver the package, who will remain silent under all conditions.

Anne denied to reveal his identity to her mother, as she considered it marginal, and she was not willing to let Suzanne to enter the affair directly. But the mother insisted, she wanted to have control, like always.

And when she found incidentally, who the potential culprit was, Suzanne was pleased: she made an extensive research on him and his mysterious employer, using one of her lovers, an owner of a private Intelligence agency, and she could see the big opportunities in very bright colors immediately.

For example, persuading the Chinese, to invest into her boutique, close to bankruptcy in that time, using the man as her special asset, who couldn’t be sure, whether the girl from Cernosice isn’t expecting his baby: and a clever woman as Suzanne knew exactly, how to play this game of uncertainty, but probability.

In the end, an advantageous deal was made: Chinese supplied Suzanne not only with some 1.5 million USD for expanding her business, they also provided connections and consultancy, to establish her own fashion brand, called “Woman’s Destiny”, and necessary media support.

Then, the mentioned ‘Heavy Slander’ gossip magazine, once a dangerous enemy, now become a fountain of live water for Suzanne’s business. and interests. Only several well placed and admiring articles about the latest “Cleopatra Collection”, originating from Egypt, were enough to start an avalanche of interest between the Czech women, and the brand went up quickly, expanding even internationally, particularly into Austria, Switzerland, Monaco, and most imporantly, into China, via Hong Kong, where it gained extreme success, leaving even famous, established and large luxury brands behind.

But this was the Chinese strategy to humiliate them, to create a better position for negotiations, as the Chinese were buying everything and everywhere: from natural resources, like oil, gas and rare minerals, to Italian fashion manufacturers. This way, the Chinese players could show the Italians, that it’s in their might to influence the whole luxury business, by creating and destroying brands, as they liked: so it was wise to submit to their “mutually advantageous” business proposals.

In several months, Suzanne was riding on a very good horse, and Anne kept the child, of course: the baby was an insurance policy, so the Chinese won’t try anything again, like in that infamous incident, or “misunderstanding”, when Suzanne was detained by the Czech police and warned, that she should stay away, stop with her plans to use the company, or heavy consequences will follow, as she will be marked as a Chinese Intelligence operative, with the possibility of criminal investigation launched against her, and inviting the tabloid media to be present during her high-profile arrest, destroying any person in the eyes of public irrevocably.

But in the end, all parties made a settlement, and another powerful player stepped in: Saudi Arabia, just launching their “Superior Woman” campaign, to promote conservative version of Islam worldwide, using VIP females as carriers of their message. The goal was clear: to make hijab and abaya highly fashionable accessories, even in the West, and Suzanne’s brand, aimed at ethnic and Islamic fashion, seemed like a very good choice.

Firstly, the Saudis allegedly acquired several VIP assets in Italy, the Mecca of fashion, for example, Dolce & Gabbana fashion designers, who launched their own Islamic collection, shocking the Western public, and then human assets in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, as Alexandra Pianka, or Marketa Maryam Korinkova, a Czech fashion model, who allegedly converted to Islam, although the Czech Military Counterintelligence suspected her, that her conversion could be fake originally, only pretending for the media, to get more professional opportunities in the UAE, to be accepted by the Islamic business structures as an asset. Anyway,

Saudis didn’t care about the truth: the only important thing for them was, that all assets started serving them and their interests well, even without knowing, who pulls the levers from behind, opening doors secretly.

For example, there were rumors in the Dubai fashion environment, that mentioned top fashion model Alexandra Pianka was expressively chosen and pampered as a princess by Saudis, who created immense media opportunities for her, including securing the main female part at singer Ramy Ayach‘s famous music video “Majnoun”, deliberately missing any open relations to Islam, to show, that Dubai is very tolerant for the Western way of life, even admiring it, and all Western big shots are welcomed there.

No pushing towards desirable conversion to Islam was made on Alexandra Pianka… it should come at the right time later, when she will have a good personal brand created, so it will make a breaking news for the Western media, most likely with her agreement and direct, willing participation, to serve to her new master, Allah, well, and to gain His favors and rewards.

But the best deal the Saudis made with Suzanne, who consulted the matter with her Chinese benefactors, of course: and “Woman’s Destiny” launched an extremely luxurious collection, directed at Persian Gulf region, called “The Superior Woman”, sold only as a complete package, including Cartier jewelry, for the price of 100.000 EUR, so accessible only to real VIPs deliberately.

All women desired to wear this collection, not speaking about advantages for spreading Islam, like Saudis intended. Their goal was clear: to use Western obsession with luxury and brands, to make Islamic fashion something extremely trendy, sexy, related to the future, “a good choice”: and thousands of new female converts to Islam followed, including VIPs.

Anne, Suzanne’s daughter, never forgot the promise she made to Allah, when she felt the worst in her life, before all the blessings came to her. So, during one of her visits in Austria, where three their boutiques were located, and Anne accepted the managing position in the company, she visited a local mosque, only three months after giving birth to Nicole, and asked the Imam, to be officially accepted into the Islamic community, Ummah.

This request was granted, and Anne started walking on the Straight Path secretly, never revealing the secret to her mother, but finding the balance she desired and needed, dedicating her life and love to Allah, and then to Nicole, becoming a better person, and a good mother herself.

Needless to say, that Anne was now more than inclined to Islamic interests, although secretly, and she could easily promote the Islamic faith, the only complete and perfected religion, simply by introducing it to the public worldwide, through the fashion brand, knowing well, what suitable tone of advertisements and visuals to use, so the Western women could discover the immense advantages of Islam themselves. Anne even became a fashion model herself, presenting the “Superior Woman” collection at countess fashion shows, and highly appreciated by the media, which allowed to spread Islam further.

And Saudis really appreciated this effort, offering to Suzanne yet another development of the brand. Money was not a problem for them: but the sustainable future was, as the oil supplies, generating them immense wealth and power, wouldn’t last forever, and it was necessary to think forward, to sow the seed, financing construction of mosques everywhere, and supplying their own Imams, so the conservative version of Islam could be preserved and to grow not only at the Persian Gulf area.

If Suzanne knew about the conversion, she would approve it most likely in the end, as she was known to think in the broad picture, seeing opportunities everywhere. As Islam was rising in Europe, to have a Muslim in your family could be a good insurance policy… and the same was Anne thinking about her daughter, Nicole.

When she was watching her, loving her, and wishing only the best for her, with Allah’s blessing, she thought, that it’s her duty to secure a fully sustainable future for the small girl, and in the present unstable geopolitical conditions of the world, threatening with another wars and unrest, there was only one certain way to achieve it: to introduce Nicole to Allah, to show her the Straight Path, to ask Him, to provide His guidance and protection to the baby.

There was simply no other choice, so Anne’s life and decisions was easy, there was no endless doubts, thinking and overanalyzing, present at the minds of other women… with Allah, you always knew, what to do: simply to accept the destiny He created for you, in His endless wisdom, Compassion and Mercy. Then, you had no reason to fear, or grieve because of losess and failures: Allah was never leaving you, never disappointing you, as humans, things and life events.

With Allah, you lived your dream, regardless of all villas and money…

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