Women of Islam: Aysha Al Mudahka. Qatar Business Incubation Center Welfare Women Empowerment Female Feminist Feminism Think-Tank Conspiracy Influence CEO Elite Royal Doha VIP Middle East

She is so cute, so sweet, so innocent, and you can’t resist her, you believe her, all what she says, about helping women, empowerment, supporting new workforce in Qatar, Middle East and whole MENA region, creating new, better future.

Aysha Al Mudahka from Qatar, a highly respected VIP female, the CEO of “Qatar Business Incubation Center”, providing wide support for business ideas and startups, is indeed a Woman, a Mother, a voice of Future.

You see her soft beautiful eyes, full of good, great visions and seducing inspiration for the world, and you want to hide in her soft embrace, and to listen to her, to obey her, to follow her, as she is an undisputed social leader, an example for Qatari school girls…

No wonder, that she earns wide recognition across whole Middle East, Persian Gulf and Arabia, invited for many high-profile public speeches, as a new shining generation of Islamic female leaders, promoted and pampered, like Princesses.

The only problem is, that she works closely with non-Mahram (non-related) men, she touches them, makes handshakes with them… not permissible in Islam. But maybe it’s not her fault, that even traditional Qatari society becomes corrupted, following decadent Western example…

Aysha has all the support of rulers and trust of the people… she is real feminine elite, silent, passive, not showing her aspirations and power openly, rather using dark energy of others, letting dark waves to lift her upstairs.

She is climbing steadily, and she is aiming high, all the doors of highest rulers of Middle East are opened widely for her, because she knows well, what exact tones to play with her seducing flute, she was inspired at the West, what is trendy, what will allow her to infiltrate the highest social, economic, political and royal circles…

She wants to becom, to have her bold girlish dreams fulfilled. What is so wrong about that? Are you different?

The only question is: will her journey have positive influence on Islam, and traditional Qatari, Emirati and Saudi society, full of instability and obsession of women for power, influence and revealing skin of their curvy sexy bodies nowadays?

Will she keep them balanced, or add yet more instability into their hearts and minds, by offering them tempting liberation through economic independence, as she will help them to establish their own businesses, to escape from grasp of their husbands and fathers, from patriarchy?

But Allah knows, what you do, and only He will judge you all.

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