Women of Islam: Countess Theresa Laubringen

In ‘Tales from a Mosque’ series, there was a fictional female American aristocrat with Austrian roots described, who later tried to stop Islam in an Austrian city under the Alps, but in the end, she only helped Muslims to acquire an ultimate human asset, an American business tycoon with immense wealth, who fell in love with a devoted Muslim woman, and when the tabloid media intervened yet, the followers of Allah became a source of real political and social power in the city, creating fully sustainable future not only for the Islamic religion in Austria, but for cute Alpine Marmots too.

Joy Countess du Lau d'Allemans Islam 2bb - Alan Svejk VIP Military AffairsHowever, this artistic figure has a real life template, in the well known European aristocrat Countess Joy du Lau d’Allemans, a fashion and social leader for thousands of followers worldwide, plus the honorary patroness of this media project, who provided unique insights of the distant and otherwise inaccessible VIP world to the readers, including the current relations of European nobility to the Islamic Affairs, and searching for a way out of current endless crisis of values in the Western society globally.

“There is one very interesting thing about Islam, which caught my attention immediately,” she introduces her statement about the issue, when interviewed during a VIP horse polo tournament at Palm Beach, Florida, perfectly dressed in Chanel and Louis Vuitton, her two favourite luxury fashion brands. “If you meet this special, perfected and complete religion, you start to compare it with your life, with your previous values, and with your false gods you believed and worshipped, as you knew nothing else: consuming, obsession with beauty, youth, wealth, property, money, power, social acceptance. This is what made America great: but it has also a big price to pay.

We Americans always worshipped so called ‘social mobility’. It means, that people from lower parts of the society, including minorities, women, disadvantaged and excluded ones, can get up in the social chain, just through hard work, patience and persistence, smiling with your whitened teeth, bought for thousands of dollars by an expensive dentist, like mad, to attract positive things in life, as all that postmodern wisdoms say.

Still, many of us don’t succeed. Call it lack of luck, call it persistent economic crisis, call it anyhow you like, to apologize your own mistakes, failures and bad choices: in the end, the few blessed ones are making it up by stepping on the backs of 90% of rest of the people, exploiting them more or less.

And even if you are such blessed one, you still can’t resist to turn your head back, full of worries, estimating, when the fulfilled dream will turn into a nightmare, when you will lose your well paid job, allowing you to pay a big mortgage for a house of your dreams at the VIP Los Angeles suburbs, which still belongs to the bank, who will be ruthless to collect their assets.

I simply don’t see too many happy people around me these days. Yes, they pretend it, but you can feel stress and fear from them, particularly if you are a female, who still hasn’t given up her natural sensitivity, to become a ‘modern woman’, who uses elbows without hesitation, as she has to rely on herself, she will remain single perhaps forever, not thinking about establishing a family, as she is ‘too busy’ and she is obsessed with ‘freedom’… and then, it’s too late.

That questionable military adventures in Iraq and Afganistan became our new infamous Vietnams, not speaking about Syria, Libya and who knows which else countries we intervened with our mighty Military, without realizing the consequences, only helping the terrorists in the end, but there is still a beautiful memory of Barack Obama’s younger optimistic face in our minds, who promised us new future back in 2007. It’s like you don’t want to believe, that the dream is over.

And where are all these dreams from presidential election rallies, all that enthusiastic faces, waving flags, who believed, that Obama, like some god, should save the America? There is a new version of him, Hillary Clinton, but who can believe her? She is a modern woman, you say, an example to follow, you say… a hope for the future, you say… no, I don’t know anybody, who would buy such promise. She is not the leader we need, we women simply failed, we believed all that sweet dreams about equality of genders and all that malicious social engineering projects… which only let us confused, distracted, leading us off the way.

And then, in all this deep confusion, you have a look at Islam. You see the mosques, you see their minarets, rising to the sky boldly… and you feel, that the final relief is close, the way out of endless confinement, endless disappointment and failed dreams. So you follow the path curiously, you forget about other people’s opinions and that you will become an interest of domestic Intelligence services, and you enter a courtyard of the nearest mosque.

There, you will find simplicity, so different from the ‘outside’, the Western world we were born into. Where are all the distractions, temptations? Nothing. The mosque is simple, and perfect in the modesty. This is exactly, what you needed, and you feel the relief, as all the worldly matters are going away from your tired mind.

For us women, Islam means freedom. We misused our female weapons too much, our sexuality. We thought, that the world will belong to us… but any individual has only limited powers, and in the end, he or she realizes, that to submit his or her will to Allah is the only way to real liberation, to become free of worries, to lose the eternal need to build walls around you, so you can feel protected.

With Allah, you need no walls or fences. He is the one who leads you wisely, creating a destiny for you. They said: ‘You can create your destiny, you have options’. But in the end, you just become one of that postmodern sheep, living in a herd, critically dependent on others. But in Islam? You need nobody, except Allah, and who wouldn’t like such feature of ultimate liberty?

Studying Islam, you understand, why more and more people are converting to this religion, and you don’t wonder anymore. It’s a matter of choice for them, and for you, a hope for a better, more sustainable future, allowing you to become a person you always wanted to be, all those obstacles prevented your growth.

Islam is growing not only in Europe, but in America too. The West simply discovers a better option, if Christianity failed so horribly, and disappointed us. Islam says nothing about suffering, if you are a believer; Islam says nothing about obsession with property and wealth, as the Church presents itself today.

There is no better thing than Islam in this world. Search as you like, lose your precious time, but you won’t find.”

When asked about women’s rights issue in Islam, the Countess replies with certainty. Hijab is a natural part of any woman, nothing forced and involuntary. She has the responsibility, not to corrupt the society and men by misusing her beauty and sexuality, as we women tend to this kind of malicious behavior. By wearing hijab, she shows publicly, what her values are, and that she is willing to submit not to men, but to Allah.

Plus, it’s a sign of sisterhood and unity between women, as differences in beauty are deliberately lowered, so any woman can feel accepted and equal to others. By wearing hijab, a woman makes good not only for herself, as she is protected, but also for her sisters, creating a mutual bond, unlike in the Western culture, where any woman is single, atomized and fighting for herself only, against others. Thus, hijab is a symbol of female friendship.

The role of women in Islam is very important, and they are highly respected. However, they need to understand, that both genders should keep certain safe distance from each others, otherwise men and women are obsessed with sexuality and comitting sins. But it all starts in the behavior of a woman, it’s her who chooses, what signals she will send outside, towards the society. She is a creator here, and no one take her rights from her.”

When asked, whether she considers converting to Islam herself, she replies with a sigh. “There is not other choice not only for me, but for others as well. If we want to create a better society, a better future, we need Islam. Whoever accepts it, becomes the positive factor, as Islam teaches you, to do good deeds, to take care of your vicinity.

Not Hillary Clinton with her questionable past of aggressive behavior towards sovereign other states will save us, but Allah will, and we women feel that. Islam is a perfect way to have healthy relationships with men again, to discover an unknown dimension of love, if premarital sexual contacts are avoided.

I believe in Islam, I belive, it’s a good thing in all senses. And if I am supposed to become a social leader, an example for other women… so be it.”

Countess Joy’s close friend, a reputated American journalist Alex Webbe, nominated for Pullitzer Prize 2017, comments: “I always felt, that Joy is a beautiful example for others, in everything she did in her life, and that is the reason why I love and admire her so much: she never forgets others, not only those who helped her, but also the general interests of the society.

When she told me about this Islam thing, I was scared a little bit at first, I confess. But then, I realized, that despite all the lies, slanders, insults and complete fabrications the Western media are writing about Islam, Joy simply never stopped in her search for a relief for us all.

I remember, when she asked me: ‘Is it right, to tell people, that I found so much treasures in Islam? Am I entitled to change their lives, their values?’

In that moment, I told her: ‘You always know, what is good, Joy. Just believe your good feelings, and tell people, what you feel in your heart.’ And she did, that’s all.”

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