Women of Islam: Eman Ghaleb. Czech Islamic Elite

Teplice The Islamic Czech City Islam Muslim - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military AffairsAt the northwest part of Czech Republic, close to the border with Germany, in a relatively poor mountain region, there is a small, apparently insignificant city with massive Islamic presence and influence, called Teplice, known only by thermal spa, which attracts foreign visitors, suprisingly even from the rich Arab states of the Persian Gulf, maybe even more than the capital, full of historical landmarks, Prague.

Maybe the spa is really so good for health, who knows, or it’s just a good advertisement. Anyway, through time, many Arabs started to settle in Teplice, to participate in the incoming tourism and related business services, also to be close to the alleged miraculous source of health, and they inevitably established a very distinctive Muslim community.

In such a small, relatively poor city with only 50.000 inhabitants and missing high social class, a wealthy Muslim community will be seen strongly, buying the property in large, constructing their own colony at Modlany village behind the town: moreover, if combined with thousands of another Muslim visitors, coming during the whole year for health procedures, the whole families of many members, staying for weeks.

Even in the distant and tolerant Prague, a hijab on the street is something unusual, raising public attention: but Muslim female visitors in Teplice wear niqabs, as they come from the very conservative Middle Eastern states in the terms of Islam, like Kuwait or Saudi Arabia. Although local people got used to this phenomenon through time, to keep the flow of tourists and their generous oil money, local politicians had to influence the naturally negative public opinion about such large foreign community, bringing their distinctive culture and strange customs with them.

For example, their alleged highly negative, even aggressive attitude towards dogs (=extremely favorite pet in CZ, the dog superpower, where these animals are objects of complete obsession, almost on the level of children: there were many cases, when people were willing to die for their dogs, or to pay immense amounts of money to keep them alive), or sitting in large numbers at public parks, making picnics to the late night hours, not remaining completely silent, let’s say modestly, and generating a lot of communal waste, not bothering to clean it after themselves.

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Last year, in summer 2015, the patience of domestic Czech people was used up suddenly. Maybe too much of tourists came that year, maybe the local people related the Islamic visitors with the still running refugee crisis, rumored by the media to destroy the European Christian civilization, simply by importing Islam in large numbers… anyway, clashes started between locals and visitors, and politicians received many complaints, that the public parks of Teplice can’t be used for walking with dogs, and there is a lot of mess generally, so the public places don’t serve to the interests of citizens.

The mass media noticed of course, and started referring about the situation in Teplice on statewide level, raising a wave of public denial. Some opinions occured, that the city of Teplice was lost to the Muslims, that they created their enclave successfully, where domestic people have practically no rights, and now the rich Muslims will influence the weak local politians to promote Islam…

The local people started organizing mass public rallies, taking their dogs with them deliberately, to bother the Arab visitors in the parks, with clear intention, to show them, that this is allegedly still the land of locals, and their rules are valid here…

In these moments of high tension, threatenting even with violence, a very surprising individual entered the affair: Eman Ghaleb (*1998), originating from Yemen, only 17 years old female student of a local high school, perceived as a clever talented girl, wearing hijab at public and school alike.

She started their own information activities, distributing pamphlets to the visitors, written in Arabic and English, to introduce the local laws, customs and rules to them, to stop the hostilities, and her public volunteer effort was highly appreciated by the municipal politicians, including the mayor, Jaroslav Kubera, who noticed her soon, presenting her as a positive example of a “good Muslim girl”, who is well integrated into the society, who is even beneficial for her social vicinity.

She was also willing to speak publicly and openly, explaining her systematic efforts and bold plans, revealing her undeniable talent for the public and media games, not afraiding of being seen or criticized, and all the anti-Islamic haters felt this boldness and devotion from her somehow, so their vicious effort to get her expelled from her studies because of her hijab was unsuccessful, as the principal of the school stood behind the young and bright student firmly.

When she became a local Islamic activist and her social star started shining, it attracted the attention of domestic Intelligence services naturally, as she proved clearly, that she is on the side of peace, but also she lives Islam, defending it systematically, promoting it openly, not scared by any enemies: and it’s very unique in the Czech lands, where mostly converted women as Marketa Korinkova are seen, perceived and denied as traitors by the Czech people.

But Eman Ghaleb set an example of a young Muslim woman, who steps ahead, who not only prays home or in the mosque obediently, worshipping Allah, but also who enters the public affairs in effort to promote her opinions and values. Without any doubt, we will hear about there in the future yet, and also about her female friend Albatool Jahaf, representing Czech republic in the sport of taekwon-do on the international level.

The key Czech tabloid magazine ‘Heavy Slander’ informed the readers, that Eman Ghaleb will become the critical asset of Islamic interests in the whole state, promoting the construction of a mosque at Teplice, still opposed by the public effectively. But the construction of a masjid is inevitable, if such asset as her will stand behind it, explaining patiently to the citizens, that such building is a part of religious freedom, serving to thousands of people.

Also, it seems, that Eman Ghaleb is so persuasive, that she is able to provide a good example, even to inspire other teenagers to convert to Islam, even in masses, or at least to be interested in the religion, to be tolerant fully, losing any hostility. Without any doubt, she will play a major role in the Czech Islamic community in the future, confirming, that women in Islam are respected and praised, plus, they have a purpose and mission, where they can fully realize, changing the world around them beneficially.

Recently, there are rumors, that Eman Ghaleb was chosen by Saudi Arabia to participate in their Superior Woman programme, and as she got her Czech citizenship recently, with the right to vote and be elected, she was suggested by Saudis, to lead the whole Czech Islamic community, as she is a young woman, admired by many, including infidels, backed by influential Muslims of Teplice, and with a woman leading, the community can execute many important, even delicate and sensitive tasks, like building new mosques, but this time with minarets, and full recognition of the Ummah by the Czech state, so Muslims can send their clerics into schools, military and prisons.

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