Women of Islam: Lindsay Lohan. Born For Hijab. Elite Hollywood Celebrity Finds Destiny In Islam

Some women are simply born for Islam, for wearing hijab, and when they put it on the first time, the whole Earth shakes, as they realize, what was missing in their life, to be complete, to be perfect, to be beautiful, to be really alive, and that hijab and submission to Allah, becoming a tool to execute His will, was their destiny.

These special female creatures are granted special skills by Him, tested widely on their path, wandering through miserable infidel world, experiencing pain, emptiness and insatiable desire for bad things, but in the end, they discover His most warming embrace, finding themselves as women, their place, purpose, destiny: serving to Him, worshipping only Him, doing good deeds.

Lindsay Lohan (*1986) is, without any exaggerating, an American A-class Hollywood celebrity, a reputated actress, a successful singer, with millions of fans across the globe. Some people thought, that she is a loser, an alcoholic, an addict, a wasted talent, but it seems, that this woman is simply highly capable, knowing well, how to generate publicity and media attention by audience, by creating perfectly useful gossip, scandals, using media to her favor, playing her ingenious game, to build her brand perfectly. Indeed, in extremely competitive Hollywood, success is not a coincidence.

And yes, she is pretty, in special way, and she looks just perfectly in hijab. She is somehow improved version of Eva Perkausova, her small Czech copy, although Lohan is older and more “used”, particularly her voice and skin, after all that endless parties, drugs, booze and who knows what terrible things. But she seems much more mature and balanced, when she speaks, particularly about Islam. Her deep voice is highly decisive, commanding and certain, she is truly a voice of Allah Himself. These actresses, they know, how to speak, how to persuade you, to become their follower, to believe them, like Radka Fisarova, who became a Muslim “for two days”, only discovering her destiny.

There is simply immense power in Lindsey Lohan’s presentation, although you could think, that she is just another cheap Western media slut. But this is a very different case, as Allah has His own big plans with her.

Lindsay Lohan Actress Singer American Islam Muslim Allah Turkey Syria Refugee Conversion Qur'an Istanbul - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs 3However, she must be perceived in right light: she is a sociopath, she is a media professional, like no one else, she enjoys publicity, she creates it, including very controversial moves, it’s her life, to be in stage lights all the time, she is able to sustain extreme pressure by press and bothering omnipresent paparazzi, which she possibly created by herself, to elevate her personal brand. Indeed, this woman is ready and willing to give all, what is necessary, for ultimate achievements.

She is a woman of extreme internal power, projected mercilessly into outer world. She is a leader indeed: ruthless, capable, efficient, cold, unpredictable, like an general of an Army. And she is an experienced Hollywood actress, able to pretend anything she likes, playing her role just perfectly.

And now, this heavyweight asset starts promoting Islam, and hard. It really means something: you wake up one day, knowing, that you have such impressive sister in Islam, that she is standing with you in the same row, with the same mindset and values.

Wouldn’t you feel stronger yourself? Wouldn’t you be pleased? Of course, you feel great, as a Muslim, and no wonder, that Islamists from all over the world are pleased, joyful, praising Allah, which nice gift He sent to Ummah, so Islam can grow. Because this conversion to Islam will have vast consequences, and tsunami of Lindsay Lohan’s new path is hitting the planet right now.

In Islam, nobody is worshipped, like in that infidel world, to avoid idolatry, so even Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, is forbidden to be depicted. Still, some people are really great harbingers of Islam, carriers of the message, giving good examples, influencing thousands, making perfect da’wah, Islamic missionary activity, to please Allah, and to contribute to final victory of Islam in the world, liberating all oppressed and unhappy.

Or what would you think, if that celebrity, which you admire, would convert to Islam, walking in the streets with Qur’an, and veiling her beauty voluntarily? Of course, you would think, that there has to be something really good about Islam, and you would follow, to be a young girl, who needs desperately to find her place in the world, so she follows various examples.

In other words, in Lindsay Lohan, the whole Islamic community is acquiring an ultimate weapon, a battering ram for promotion of Islam, with clear perspective of countless potential converts worldwide, particularly young females, who have immensely strong desire to follow a leader. And it all started allegedly by acquiring a Qur’an from friends, whereas media noticed Lindsay Lohan, walking the street with the holy book of Islam in her hand.

Lindsay Lohan Quran Koran Islam Muslim Allah Convert Conversion American - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military AffairsShe stated proudly, that she is interested in Arabic culture, she resisted the public outrage, and she made her trip into Turkey, where she visited refugees, both in a flat in Istanbul and in a refugee camp, and she made great and natural impression with them, highly appreciating Turkish effort to take care of all that 3 millions of refugees in their country, which the world ignores, and particularly Europe, which should be really grateful, that the vast refugee influx is stopped in Turkey.

Lindsay Lohan Actress Singer American Islam Muslim Allah Turkey Syria Refugee Conversion Qur'an Istanbul - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs 2In the refugee camp, a modest older woman, who had only two hijabs in her possession, gave one to Lindsay Lohan, and the actress was deeply touched by this nice gesture. It was absolutely clear, that she is not another miserable Angelina Jolie, who goes there only to collect Public Relations points: Lindsay Lohan maybe felt, that she is one of those people, a Muslim, so a bond between them was immediately much stronger, because there are only two kinds of people: Muslims, believers, servants of Allah, submitted to Him, brothers and sister to each other, and disbelievers, miserable selfish infidels, who usually help only to calm their bad conscience, full of sins, adultery, alcohol and other forbidden things, and to “look nice”.

And honestly, on the picture with that older woman from refugee camp, Lindsey Lohan looks simply sweet and innocent, and that merry, colorful hijab suits her realy well, it only emphasizes her feminity. She is really cute, but also attractive, with that big eyes and symmetric face, touching her new Turkish friend with passion and affection, like if they would be real sisters. In that moment, Lohan’s questionable worldly fame meant nothing: only that warm, loving gesture and nice smile remained.

Maybe her face expressed her deep relief after final liberation from all that worldly infidel pressure, and only now, she can be the woman she always wanted to be, but she simply needed Allah to show her the light of Straight Path.

Lindsay Lohan simply chose her fate, or rather Allah did it for her, and there is no way back now anyway, as filthy infidels would never allow her back into their miserable ranks. So she can go only forward now, towards her Islamic destiny, embracing anything, which Allah has prepared for her.

One day, with the immense personal power and abilities she has, granted by Allah for important purposes, with His permission, she will lead unstoppable Islamic armies to reconquer Spanish Al-Andalus, as Allah demands this wrongdoing and oppression to be rectified, and any Muslim has sacred duty to contribute in this jihad for power and territory. Until Muslims won’t be allowed to pray in Mezquita de Cordoba again, until the unlawful Christian occupation of this sacred house of Allah won’t end, this struggle will continue.

Indeed, Islam liberates. It brings freedom and peace to all oppressed. Regardless if you are a Hollywood celebrity, or a poor maid: you will understand, that Islam is exactly what you needed, to live happy and fulfilled life.

Women of Islam: Message of Peace, Freedom, Destiny

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