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In February 2016, when the Czech mainstream media brought rather shocking information about a beautiful and successful female fashion model Marketa Korinkova, later renamed as Marketa Maryam, who accepted Islam and became a devoted Muslim, the Czech public, known to be relatively tolerant, remained quite calm, as the woman was relatively unknown in the Czech media space, living in United Arab Emirates. However, this single conversion and related personal tale had massive consequences elsewhere.

There were many earlier examples of Western and domestic women, who converted to Islam, mostly because of their Muslim male partners, who led them to the new faith, but none of them was a beautiful fashion model, an undisputable social leader, educated, with proven record of life success, claiming, that no man was in the background of the conversion. The reason was allegedly discovering Allah and falling in love with the Arabic culture, when she visited Dubai for the first time: so she started wearing hijab, as Alexandra Pianka, called “The Princess of Dubai”.

The whole Czech Intelligence and security community, even a Special Forces unit of the Czech Military, specialized in Psychological Warfare, was on a high alert immediately, investigating the background of this conversion thoroughly, as this example of conversion of such a highly positioned social leader to Islam was unprecedented in domestic religious history, and it was necessary to analyze and understand, whether Marketa Korinkova couldn’t launch a massive wave of new female converts, who will simply follow a social leader, plus, who have their overall reasons for accepting Islam, they only need a “final call”, an inspiring example with strong personal brand.

Teplice The Islamic Czech City Islam Muslim - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military AffairsIn the Czech Islamic town of Teplice, there is a such rising female Islamic leader who can’t be underestimated for the future: Eman Ghaleb, a young high school student, originally from Yemen, a devoted Muslim, willing to play the public game, presenting her faith in a very attractive form of power, devotion and self confidence, as she is protected and led by Allah. Her friend Albatool Jahaf even made it into the Czech sport national team, with clear perspective to influence thousands of other youngsters, to accept Islam.

Similar concerns occured in the local Intelligence community for some time already, and when a singer with extremely high social influence Daniel Landa started his questionable adventure in Afghanistan, allegedly to fight the Islamic State, many warning lights started to shine: he could lead thousands of others to conversion to Islam, as visiting Islamic countries and getting close to local people, their good values and faschinating culture, leaves no one untouched for long, including NATO military personnel, as many of them returned home from lost wars in Iraq and Afghanistan as Muslims, creating allegedly a “fifth column” in their home countries.

(There was a similar male example of an Irish actor Liam Neeson, who, after shooting his movie “Taken 2” in Turkey, publicly claimed, that after several weeks of living in the city of Istanbul, he can’t live without ‘adhan’ (or ‘azan’, Islamic call for prayer, made by voices of muezzins from minarets of mosques), and the media started suspecting him, that he considers conversion too)

Now, the combination of striking female beauty and Islam was perceived as something new, unique, and very challenging. The example of Marketa Maryam was so powerful, different and even hard to believe, that the matter was discussed even at the highest places, as she is still oficially a Czech citizen, including Special Parliamentary Comission for Defence, Foreign Interests and Control of Special Weapons, and a thorough analysis was requested from a classified military unit, specialized at PSYWAR.

The report, which unfortunately leaked into the media later, contained several disturbing statements, as “… influence of such high profile converts is relatively teritorially limited, if they don’t use the social media for mass persuasion; it means, that as long as the asset (=Marketa Korinkova) will remain in UAE physically, not feeling to be called by Allah for so called Da’wah (=missionary activity), her influence on domestic audience can be considered marginal”, or “… occurence of similar examples is inevitable, as Islam is spreading through Europe, and many Western citizens feel oppressed by their Orwellian militarized faithless society, searching for liberation both from their fears and egos”, or “… Western males could easily follow similar female assets in masses, as they are weak, because of the permanent feminist and gender equality influences, and instead of leading, many of them are naturally submissive, and desire/are used to be led by women”.

The report paid very large attention to the fact, that Marketa Korinkova was allegedly single around the time of conversion, and she never mentioned a male Muslim example, leading her/helping her to the new faith. Was Allah so powerful to influence a young successful woman, coming from a healthy family relationship, a perfect example of a modern Western Millennial, who has everything, and is extremely deeply soaked in the Western ideology of freedom, equality, human rights and atheism?

It must be reminded, that Special Unit C102: PSYOPS, creating this highly classified report, is the only publicly known Military asset, specialized in modern Unconventional Warfare, including special media operations and specialties of artificially created tales for the media, commonly used in show business. It’s also a well known fact, that Marketa Korinkova, in her “younger” years prior to the conversion, was completely willing to participate in this false media game, choosing work opportunities regarding of acquiring desirable media attention, like Martina Gavriely: thus, a suspicion arose, whether another party couldn’t be involved in conversion, particularly Saudi Arabia, with their “Superior Woman” worldwide programme to spread orthodox Islam, using female social power, because Marketa became one of the key VIP faces of the Woman’s Destiny fashion brand, known to be backed by Saudis and Chinese, as NUSHI Fashion Magazine reported lately.

marketa-maryam-korinkova-sex-lies-emirates-special-issue-slander-gossip-magazine-islam-muslim-convert-uae-dubai-emirates-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairs“It can’t be excluded, that the asset executed her conversion, as she struggled to get a good job in Dubai, and she desired to have a sustainable personal future there,” the extensive classified report states a surprising theory, yet widened by the Czech tabloid magazine Heavy Slander, in their latest Special Issue, dedicated solely to Marketa Korinkova, called “Sex, Lies, Emirates”, which caused deep disturbance in the Czech public space, rising many doubts about the woman, her actions in Dubai and real intentions. “As an experienced fashion model, knowing the ruthless rules of the media game, she was prepared to do everything necessary to get a strong personal brand and related opportunities, but not at home, at UAE, as she chose the place as her destination. Later, she only used the commotion created by the Czech media, to gain worldwide attention of Ummah, the Muslim community, to be respected and to gain professional opportunities: and it’s possible that she brought her tale into the media on a special request of a third party, possibly of Saudi Arabia origin, not planning to return home, but willing to serve to Allah and Islamic interests more than others, to get rewards both in life and after life.”

However, submitting to the will to Allah, and accepting fate created by Him, it’s a decision with serious consequences. Is it possible, that Allah and Ummah will request Marketa Korinkova to return back into Czech Republic, to spread Islam in these faithless lands? Or will they use her as a model converted female in the UAE, even if there is much more similar assets to choose from, as mentioned Alexandra Pianka, several levels above?

Without any doubt, Marketa Maryam was chosen by Allah for executing very special tasks, using her special skills, talents and abilities, but it’s hard to imagine, that her massive potential would remain relatively unused, like now: the original media wave is now long gone, and nothing much happened.

“Allah has an exact purpose for any man, and any woman, as all human beings are His creation,” the report concludes. “Some of the believers of Allah are granted with special skills by Him, like the asset, so they can help to spread His sacred words, so peace and freedom can prevail in the world.”

Marketa Korinkova’s fascinating tale, how she changed the world and touched the stars of Dubai, after her conversion to Islam, is described in a book: “The Maryam Affair”
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