Women of Islam: Radka Fisarova. Natural Born Muslim. Convert For Money? Chosen by Allah

This whole Islamic tale is hard to believe, it seems rather as a dream, like foreign version of “The Arabian Nights”, but Allah is Almighty, and He can indeed create many unbelievable miracles, as only upon Him rests the end of all affairs, and all mankind is submitted to His will, regardless of place, as all lands belong only to Him.

The Czech Republic is one of the few remaining atheist and infidel islands in Europe, where Islamization is still quite limited. Except highly Islamized Teplice region, the general local Islamic community, Ummah, is fragmented, divided, weak, not able even to assert minarets for their mosques, not able to get full state recognition as a religious entity, thus to be authorized to send Islamic assets into prisons and Military, to provide spiritual relief to prisoners and soldiers, and the Czech Ummah is exhausted with endless internal feuds, apostasy, heavy infiltration of Czech CounterIntelligence service BIS and Militarized Police, putting all Muslims under strict mass surveillance, and there is no religions authority to issue binding fatwas, related to local affairs, like that highly controversial participation of Muslims at a Christian mass in August 2016, allegedly to “fight terrorism together”, but called as apostasy by many.

The Czech Islam: Divisions And Apostasy
The Czech Islam Divisions Apostasy Muslim Islamic Ummah community Allah sympathy - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs

Saudi Arabia‘s presence in those infidel lands is very limited, almost invisible, unlike the powerful Chinese. That famous “oil money”, rumored to spread Islam and Wahhabism into the world mercilessly, are flowing somewhere else maybe, or some treacherous local thief is stealing them, not using them for intended da’wah, the Islamic missionary activity, sacred duty of all Muslims.

Saudis even ignored indifferently, that name of shameful Club Mecca in Prague insults the sole craddle of Islam, as forbidden alcohol is served there and many other sins committed, and only many years later, Islamized Gypsies from Teplice had to come onto scene, and to start requesting renaming the insulting venue loudly. In comparison: when Chinese president visited Prague in 2016, the streets were full of devoted Chinese assets, eliminating inconvenient supporters of “Free Tibet” effectively and overall “trouble makers”, so the motorcade moved smoothly, welcomed cordially by crowds of joyful, enthusiastic allies.

Czech Muslims Require Renaming Of Club Mecca Prague, Insulting Islam

desert-gate-llc-tourism-dubai-emirates-premium-vip-exclusive-islam-allah-muslim-dubai-oman-dawah-sheikh-al-maktoum-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsAnyway, not only Saudis are executing the da’wah in those infidel lands. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum from United Arab Emirates, blessed by Allah to be the ruler of glamorous Dubai, is well aware of his Islamic missionary duties, using an inconspicuous front of UAE in Europe well: a reputated tourism agency, called Desert Gate Tourism, highly active in premium incoming touristic industry in Dubai and Oman, providing VIP services for discovering Islam in Dubai, to seduce infidels to enchanting Islam, as European CounterIntelligence services reported.

VIP Islamic Tours: Discover Islam In The Emirates. Discreetly

What this alleged Emirates front achieved in Czechia in 2011, with help and permission of Allah of course, it’s complete masterpiece, and if the most shameful day of Czech Islam was infamous SWAT Police raid against Czech mosques in April 2014, then the most famous, shining and impressive are events of Spring 2011, literally shaking the world, when one of the female Emirati “tourism” operatives allegedly approached her deep-cover contact in nationwide Czech Television (Czech TV), and asked for a generously repaid favor.

The Forgotten Raid: Militarized Police Against Czech Mosques. Shooting People For a Book?

There are rumors, that budget for this immensely bold, unique and unprecedented operation, serving as Islamic dagger into infidel lands, was around 50.000 EUR: and more than half of the amount was used for bribing all possible pests and obstacles, to get out of the way of Islam. And in the end, it showed, that it was really well invested money… every coin of them!

The demand of female Emirati operative was quite simple: in relation with current questionable social engineeringwomen empowerment and women rights movement in Western Europe, there should be an “experimental” TV show made, called “ME, FEMALE MUSLIM”, where a Czech woman, at least a little bit of celebrity, if possible, will pretend to be a Muslim, to experience, how the life of a Muslim female in Czechia looks like, meaning problems with prejudices, lack of religious tolerance, obtaining employment, getting obligatory halal meat, visiting a swimming pool, putting her child into kindergarten, and similar practical challenges.

The ingenious concept completely omitted any obvious promotion of Islam from the planned TV show, as there would be a lot of problems to get the green light for the project otherwise, as viewers would complain massively, that the state TV, paid from taxpayers money, is executing undesirable, unacceptable Islamic propaganda.

So, the basic concept of the programme was aimed primarily at the phenomenon of woman, her life, limitations, prejudices and challenges in the contemporary Czech world, and it was intended rather for female audience, which is much more tolerable to Muslims, Islam, refugees… whereas men are much more hostile to all external influences and forces, allegedly jeopardizing Czech national and cultural identity (but they are still nothing in comparison with Poland).

The Silesian Affair: Islamic Dagger To Revenge Polish Military Incursions Into Bohemia

The key factor for the bold plan was getting that female Czech celebrity, of course. Although anybody has his or her price, participation in this particular Islam-themed show could be completely destructive for her next career, as it’s not beneficial in the Czech infidel lands, to be connected to Islam anyhow, or even to pretend to be a Muslim, regardless from what reasons.

Thus, the challenge was not the question of money. That 20.000 EUR, offered literally for few hours of acting work, was indeed a motivating bonus for anybody, but any celebrity needs to guard her “public picture” carefully, rejecting questionable offers, regardless how tempting apparently, on surface: make that mistake, connect with inconvenient people or ideas, or even religion, and dumb 20.000 EUR will be too small repayment for irrevocably damaged professional career, as tabloid media, Internet and various social trolls will make a hell from your life, as “vox populi” (voice of people) can be indeed devastating, and you need favor of this plebs, you need favor of tabloid media, to write about you.

If you lose affection of public, no journalist will write about you: he or she would risk, that the article will be denied by editor, who needs to choose topics and personalities carefully, only that “good ones”, otherwise, people, who feed the magazine with money, either readers of advertisers, will say strict “no” to such promotion of a questionable public figure, who is now “persona non grata”.

Of course, that controversy can be highly beneficial sometimes. for creating desirable publicity. But not any non-political relation to Islam: in that infidel world, adultery is allowed, sins are allowed, unclean things are allowed, filth is allowed… but not any connection with the only complete and perfected religion of peace is allowed, as the corrupted Western media don’t show its immense advantages, only alleged terrorism, although Islamic State is rumored to be a front organization of a hidden entity, possibly American imperialists themselves.

But Allah knows the best, how to assert His will. So, in the end, a volunteer was found indeed.

Her motives were quite simple and clear: she was losing her media career, she had only weak personal brand, disappearing from the media slowly, so she had to take slight risks. She was simply in a personal situation, which didn’t allow any hesitating and being too picky.

Living under heavy burden of mortgage for a too big house at Prague suburbs, to impress the fools, you take any job, which can help you to ease the unpleasant monthly payments, when you live with fear of any beginning of a month, time to pay money to the hungry bank. And where to get 800 EUR every month, in this highly competitive world, if you are a B-class actress, playing only in marginal musicals?

And now, 20.000 EUR, lying on table in front of you? For literally mere several hours of TV work, not some hard factory work, and yet generating additional publicity? Oh, that could be called a generous gift from Allah! In her case, it meant mortgage payments for more than one year! But Allah likes to give various gifts and rewards to people, who pleased Him with good deeds. Wouldn’t you start to believe in Him, if rewarded so nicely?

radka-fisarova-actress-czech-prague-musical-singer-islam-muslim-allah-mosque-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsSo, her name was Radka Fisarova (*1977), a Czech singer of low media and social importance, rather a B-class celebrity, suspected to have Illuminati links of unknown depth, as many of her pictures with one eye covered suggest. But Allah knows, why He has chosen exactly her.

The main reason was, that the main female role in the show, except additional (real) female Muslims, must be a very responsible actress, taking her part very seriously. In other words. playing a Muslim perfectly, persuasively, regardless of her attitude to Islam, showing good artistic performance, that you would believe her, that she is a Muslim indeed: and not only you, mostly that people, who will meet her during filming, making an interaction with her.

They shouldn’t recognize her as an actress, a publicly known person, a celebrity, thus reacting completely naturally. Also, this was the reason, why an A-class celebrity couldn’t play the role, even if she would want to, inclined to Islam perhaps: but people would simply notice, who she is, and they would understand instantly, that it’s only a show, it’s not real, it’s a hidden camera, a test. And these artificial reactions would be useless for desired depiction of “reality”.

radka-fisarova-actress-singer-czech-musical-islam-muslim-allah-mosque-dawah-promotion-dubai-emirates-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsRadka Fisarova, bribed generously with money and all-inclusive VIP premium vacation in the Emirates, provided by Desert Gate LLC, organizing the charade secretly, she promised expressively, that she will make everything possible, that she will use all her artistic talents, to make her new “Muslim persona” lively and as real as possible. And mentioned Emirati operative, together with her superiors far away from Czechia, hidden deep in the deserts of Arabian Peninsula, and Allah, who sees, hears and knows everything, they all listened to her comments and promise very carefully, determining, whether the woman is reliable. And it was Allah, who made final decision: Allah decided her destiny.

Zdenek Eska, a male fool, was playing the presenter of the show. And when the first shot of “ME, FEMALE MUSLIM” showed Radka Fisarova to viewers, who was just training for a comic role in theatre, looking, speaking and laughing like total idiot, no one would expect the upcoming Islamic avalanche. Maybe it was purpose, to deter anti-Islamic “trouble makers”, who will simply leave the programme, thinking, that it will be dumb and useless?

Indeed, the beginning is not impressive. No viewer would guess, what will happen next, and what immense victory of Islam will be achieved soon.

It’s really suspicious, how long is that initial dumb scene from theatre, as the viewer sees Fisarova as somebody not serious, dumb, fake. Maybe it was her condition, to protect her further professional career, by persuading the public, that it was just a comedy in that allaeged Islamic TV show, nothing real, nothing serious? And we are still good friends, infidels?

Zdenek Eska is seen standing at the edge of stage, whereas Fisarova is singing on playback, showing crazy dance creations of her short body, looking like a slut, spreading her legs generously. What fool would see a Muslim in her?

“She loves theatre, but she will have to forget about it for two days. SHE WILL BECOME A MUSLIM, Zdenek announces with serious voice, not knowing, how exact his prediction will become, before interrupting the rehearsal ruthlessly, literally taking her off the stage. “It’s time to go,” he informs Fisarova.

“Already, right now? In the middle of rehearsal? That’s quick,” she seems calm, maybe remembering that 20.000 EUR, filling her deep empty pockets soon.

Zdenek is merciless, so she follows, willing to accept her fate, not fighting with the ultimate will of Almighty Allah.

They come to a flat, where an older Muslim woman of Czech origin, covered in hijab, resides. Her name is Alena Amina Mnasria, she allegedly lives with a Muslim for 11 years, and she will be Fisarova’s “mentor” for the TV show.

Although she speaks with moderate voice of a nice, kind, overweight grandma, the first impression of Alena is quite controversial. Her style of wearing hijab is questionable, and not sexy: the nasty cap under scarf, reminding used white bandage, is exposed too much, so the scarf, too transparent, is attached not on forehead, but somehwere at top of head, secured under her chin with a nasty conspicuous buckle… moreover, the scarf covers too much of her shoulders and upper hands, she looks like some infidel Christian nun, and the color and style of hijab is also nasty. She seems like a parody of Muslim woman, incomparable with shining Arabic women, not making good advertisement for general beauty level of Czech female Ummah.

Maybe depth of faith is the most important and only materialistic infidels are watching physical side of the world, but… if you are representing Islam in TV, then you should make the best from you, no?

Anyway, Amina’s love tale with a Tunisian man, appearing some twenty years younger (!), whereas she has two her sons from previous relationship, raises further concerns. He allegedly came to live in her flat as a subtenant, and after mere 30 days (!), he asked for marriage… and every European infidel fool now realizes, that he did it most likely for desirable EU residence permit, so she looks like another naive Czech woman, who thinks, that these marriages with Arabic men are from love.

Usually, cheap Czech infidel sluts, who gained very infamous reputation abroad for their sexual “liberty”, they meet these handsome exotic youngsters in Egypt, during summer vacation. Some of these men want just to sleep with them, other ask for money for “urgent reasons”, and the most determined ones aim at marriage with infidel girl, to get into Europe, and Islamize the continent, plus to get money for their extended family abroad.

Still, regarding Amina’s controversial presentation, if she is in TV, she is representing whole Islam, not only herself. Maybe she should “alter” the tale of her Islamic romance a little bit, to be “nicer” and “better”… and lying to filthy infidels is allowed anyway, as rules of Taqiya states…

The Islamic Romance
The Islamic Romance Allah Muslim Islam woman female arabic - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs

Radka Fisarova is watching her calmly, revealing brown eyes with heavy black-blue makeup, reminding a Southern woman with her black hair. Indeed, eyes are the most impressive feature of this woman, and she knows it.

It’s really interesting, when Amina is narrating, that “with marriage, her sons became Muslims, and celebration of Xmas was abolished in the family (=celebrating of Xmas, New Year and birthdays is forbidden in Islam). Soon, they liked Ramadan more, than Xmas” – very devoted believers, indeed, even listening to Islamic recommendation, to listen to your parents, unless their suggestions don’t go against Islamic faith!

The male moderator enters the conversation: “Radka, you have the last opportunity to change your mind!”

But how could a mere mortal change the decision of Allah?

“Well, I think that I won’t change my mind,” Radka seems firm, “because the whole tale of Mrs. Amina seems to me as so much interesting, and because I live completely different life, also by playing in theatre, so I don’t know, how it would be compatible, if I would be a female Muslim. I will be really glad to TRY it.”

TRY being a Muslim… it sounds bizarre, but results will show most beautiful. Anyway, doesn’t any woman desire for ultimate submission to an ultimate force? Indeed, a woman is born for Islam.

Woman Needs Islam

The first move is arranging Radka’s hair, so it can be put under hijab. “We are making ourselves beautiful only for our man home,” Amina comments, when clamping the black curly hair of Fisarova… but when exactly the old Amina speaks about beauty, it doesn’t sound too convincing.

Why Czech Ummah haven’t found some younger, more pretty Muslim woman? This looks and sounds rather miserable, and promotion of Islam in infidel lands, where physical appearance is critical, asks not only inner qualities, as Alexandra Pianka, a German fashion model, called Princess of Dubai, clearly confirms. With such shining material, you can conquer infidel souls easily.

Alexandra Pianka: Hijab Suits Her Well
Alexandra Pianka Fashion Model in Hijab - Alan Svejk VIP Affairs B

Amina arranges Radka’s hijab the same bad way she made it for herself. They both look strangely… why couldn’t Fisarova get a simple black hijab, to emit proper modesty and obedience? With this particular arrangement of hijab, it’s even not obvious for inexperienced infidels, that she is a Muslim. At least she has a black abaya, but Amina’s size is much different, so Radka’s underweight body, rumored to suffer with anorexia, is really hidden there. But it has to be that way: the contours of female body should be blurred, not to raise deep desires in males.

When Radka, Amina and Zdenek are walking outside, Amina warns the actress, that high and loud heels are not desirable for a Muslim woman, as it attracts attention to her too much, and she should be modest and obedient, those are her two critical qualities.

And now, the real party begins.

Amina is carrying a praying carpet, and the viewer has only one sudden question in his or her mind: “No, they won’t force Fisarova to pray Islamic prayer, salat???”

But they do indeed… and it means not only bowing and prostrating to Allah, but also saying the Takbeer repeatedly, ALLAHU AKBAR (“Allah is Greatest”), a very “popular” words in the West.

It’s very sweet, what place Amina chose for the street salat, very useful tool of Islamic propaganda: the Petrin hill, located very close to the Prague castle, dominant of the whole historic center of Prague. Maybe to indicate, that soon, this infidel fortress will fall, and Islam will rule here?

It’s really bizarre to watch and hear Amina, explaining the prayer to Fisarova, whereas a foreign male voice on background recites/sings Shahadah (Islamic declaration of faith), and shocked people are passing around: Amina put praying rug just on main Petrin road!

Unfortunately for the show, it’s a rainy work day, and not a sunny Sunday, when there are walking crowds of locals and tourists alike here. But street prayer, it’s indeed a heavy weapon of Da’wah, Islamic missionary activity! In London and Paris, those street salats every Friday are causing high controversy, as executed by thousands of believers, literally blocking all traffic, and sending a clear message to infidels: Allah owns these streets!

It was in 2011, but today, some “concerned citizen” would definitely call the Militarized Police immediately, to check suspected terrorists. The heroic Czech policemen would arrive quickly, with heavy military-grade arsenal, like controversial G36C assault-rifles, as militarization of the Czech police exceeds Germany, where they have real terrorist attacks. But Czechia, following decadent United States like obedient dog, really likes American culture of fear.

Amina explains prayer very simplified way, but she really emphasizes ALLAHU AKBAR (new Muslims are instructed to say Takbeer, when changing positions, instead of Thanaa, Taawwuz, Tasmiyah, Surah Fatihah, Duaa, etc.), and surprisingly, the TV didn’t cut these shots. The result is most impressive, if you remember, that the show is made in the middle of infidel land…

When the alleged infidel and “temporary Muslim” Fisarova starts praying… indeed, she seems like a natural born Muslim! She is not ashamed or disturbed, she has very flexible slim body, so prostrating is completely natural and easy for her, like if she would really do it five times a day for years already! She even looks better praying, than real Muslim Amina, because her moves are simply more aesthetic, seamless. It seems, that even Islamic prayer, if executed correctly, by some good body, can be sexy, and useful for spreading the fame of Allah.

radka-fisarova-actress-singer-infidel-prayer-allah-islam-muslim-salat-czech-prague-castle-conquest-islamization-street-petrin-hill-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsAnyway, it’s completely bizarre scene, regarding the circumstances, but wait, just when she raises her hands to her ears and says ALLAHU AKBAR loudly, and again, and again, to worship Allah, the only deity, with male Shahadah still heard… then you lose your breath, but wait… there is a shocking cut, when Fisarova is in the prostrating position, the camera is taking her from side and back, and Prague Castle, where the power over this infidel country is generated, can be seen very close in the background, together with Fisarova, praying to Allah… the camera operator really did his job well, probably a secret worshipper of Allah!

She said the Takbeer four times… she did those two Rakats (=praying cycles) indeed, as instructed by Amina.

The Czech TV went really far here. If she would only wear hijab and try to buy halal meat, etc… but including prayer?

Was Allah surprised, to see an infidel, dressing into hijab at first, and then praying to Him with such visual quality and persuasion? Was He pleased?

The truth is, that if a hundred of young women like Fisarova, with flexible bodies, moving nicely and with persuasion, would do a congegational prayer in the streets of Prague, it would catch an attention… just imagine, how impressive look it would be! That would be a perfect Islamic propaganda, to conquer the infidel lands from below.

When asked by the moderator, how she feels after the prayer, Fisarova replies, that “I feel funny”, but she doesn’t mean it as insult to Islam, rather as expression of her failure to pray properly, as she is used to do thing perfectly, as she reveals. Then, her voice becomes more serious, and she says, like a REAL, devoted Muslim woman:

“Even if a hundred of people would watch me, I wouldn’t care.”

Sounds very good! And now, Fisarova is suddenly becoming quite a hard-core Muslim female, pleasing all real believers.

She visits a work agency with a hidden camera, and although she greets the employee with infidel greeting “Good Day” and not “As-Salamu Alaykum”, she not only comes covered in hijab, she also expressively mentions her religion, that she needs to pray five times a day, so the job needs to respect that, to make sure, that the infidel servant will understand, that she is a MUSLIM. Indeed, she makes no compromises, she never puts her Muslim identity aside, and she is not willing to compromise her deen (=religion)!

Soldiers of Allah: Answering Allah’s Call

Surprisingly, the male Human Resources employee is well trained in diversity and cultural sensitivity, and he showed no disdain, wonder or laugh to these unusual demands, in relation with current economic crisis and lack of jobs, he even claimed, that “it’s interesting professional challenge for him”, and maybe it’s also very exciting imagination for him, to have sex with a devoted Muslim woman, his secret infidel dream!

Anyway, he asked her to send him exact details of her job demands, and summary of her professional experience as well. Of course, another matter is, whether some infidel employer would choose “Islam-challenged” employee, in this very infidel land… maybe some multicultural NGO, to “integrate Muslims” via “affirmative action” (positive discrimination).

What is really surprising, that when she and the HR man are saying goodbye, he offers her his hand to shake, although according to infidel rules of social behavior, a female would offer her hand first instead. Anyway, Fisarova refuses to shake his hand correctly, to touch an unrelated man, like a proper Muslim woman… indeed, she was born for this religion! Amina is also impressed: “That was like a professional female Muslim!”

Visiting a butcher, to buy halal (=animal is slaughered via allowed way) meat, it’s a comedy. Every fool would simply find the address of the nearest halal shop on the Internet… this is an infidel country, so to visit a butcher and ask for halal food, just like that, you can’t imagine to succeed. However, local butcher personnel only showed their dumbness and ignorance… if they make their living by selling meat, and they don’t know, what halal is? Miserable infidels, with bellies of filthy pork meat!

After this scene, the moderator Zdenek visits the Prague mosque, located at Cerny Most suburbs, to meet with Vladimir Sanka, a domestic elite Islamic convert, to have the issue with halal food explained.

It’s really miserable, to see the “sliced” carpet of the room, which is directed to Kaaba of course, but the building was constructed in another direction, to harmonise with the structures around, as infidels demanded, to allow mosque to be built… it reminds again, that no concessions and compromises from Muslim identity are possible, otherwise, it brings undesirable erosion of the faith, like controversial Oran Fatwa, and too much deployment of Taqiya (=subversive tactics to resist infidel oppression) also corrupts Muslims, regardless of higher interests of Islam.

(Note: the Islamic mosque carpet has a special, repeated pattern. Every “piece”, or “slice”, reminding an “arcade”, divided with columns, is for one believer during a prayer, so Muslims can create perfect rows, when praying in congregation. However, in practice, they hardly follow the suggested setup.)

Sanka tries to be pleasant, wise and moderate, but he reminds a badly dressed doctor from a mountain hospital, or a policeman from Communist regime. Also, his face seems unhealthy, too pale, maybe religious duties stress him too much… but again, his representation of Islam is questionable. These people need some fashion advisor, make-up artist and public speech trainers. Where are those money from Saudi Arabia?

“I seem weird to them (=infidels),” Radka Fisarova comments the butcher affair with enthusiasm, understanding now, that there are two kinds of people in the world: believers, and disbelivers, and there is deep abyss between them. But she doesn’t seem to be bothered wearing hijab in public, and interacting with infidels. She was really born for this thing: she knows, how to carry the proud torch of Islam.

She is seen, walking through the streets of Prague city center in hijab. She seems completely balanced and calm. For her, hijab is second skin now, although color combination of pink hijab and yellow winter jacket is just terrible. And she obeyed Amina’s advice, and she took other shoes, without heels! This is called obedience and keeping the Islamic rules, pleasing Allah!

She meets with a merry female friend, who states in complete shock, but hilariously, when seeing her hijab: Jesus, what happened to you? What is THIS?”

“I just converted to Islam, for two days,” Radka explains. But maybe she should pretend, that she converted really, to play her role absolutely, to deserve the money and perks.

“I wouldn’t recognize you otherwise,” her friend insists.

In a kindergarten, Radka is partially successful, when the teacher informs her, that they have a Muslim boy there, so the religious childish challenges are nothing new to them. But they have no empty space for Radka’s imaginary “daughter”, and they also can’t provide demanded separation of genders.

Anyway, it’s really shameful, that the Czech state has not enough places for children in kindergartens, stressing parents, forcing them to run like mad to get a place, including necessary frauds with permanent residence address, or paying serious money to private child businesses. This is, how you take care of your next generations, paying your pensions one day, dumb infidels? No, you are really losing, and your corrupted rule will be replaced with something much more wise and sustainable: Islam.

Following scene is really shocking, disturbing, even unacceptable for any Muslim: Radka got a quick job, although not through the employment agency, the TV staff secured it for her. She should be working in a kitchen of a restaurant (but to work with a food, you need to possess some government licence, based on medical examination, so this scene is possibly fake).

As soon she comes inside, she gets an apron, and a young chef puts a piece of meat in front of her, ordering her to slice it with a big knife.

Radka, a very responsible Muslim, asks, whether it’s pork meat, and the man acknowledges, as Czechia is truly a country of filth, where unclean pork is everywhere. Also, the camera’s ruthless take of the kitchen puts that disgusting food in front.

Poor but devoted Muslim Radka tries to cut the disgusting “thing” with knife, while not touching it, as they don’t have any gloves for her. The activity looks strange, and the chef is shocked, calling his superior immediately, and Radka is literally thrown out of her job, fired on the spot by the aggressive manager, just because her faith was strong, and the fool is not willing to listen to her explanation of reasons! She could do other job, but the criminals have to give her just pork, to insult her, to insult her faith, to extort her: either your faith, or Devil’s coins!

Shameful infidels! Who needs you, your insults and your miserable jobs, anyway?

In Muslim world, there would be a rally of agitated and angry crowd in front of the restaurant immediately, maybe some heavy stones would fly into the marquees, maybe the restaurant would be even burned down by unknown arsonists, and both the chef and manager would be most likely attacked by unknown assailants, for insulting and humiliating sister Radka, because Muslims not only stand up for each other, they also defend their religious interests. These crimes of infidels simply can’t be tolerated!

But again, Radka shows as a proper Muslim, able to execute the Islamic revenge herself. So, when she leaves, she makes interesting, a little bit violent gesture, sending strong Islamic message: with swift move, she stabs the filthy pork meat with that huge kitchen knife, and leaves proudly!

Swimming pool scene is quite boring: indeed, in Czechia, it’s completely standard, that both genders swim together. At least the personnel offers Radka to rent the pool privately.

Next scene from mentioned Prague-Cerny most mosque (three years later, it was hit by mentioned raid of Czech Militarized Police), is much more interesting. Radka walks through the courtyard of the mosque, and male voice sings Shahadah again, with apparent “Allahu Ekbar”, indicating Turkish origin of the song.

Inside, but below the surface, in a basement room, looking poorly, like some prison, she meets with three Muslims: Amina, and two others, both with glasses, one older, one relatively young, again looking like Christian nuns (Prague Mosque requests genders to be strictly separated).

You can only wonder, why the Muslims took the TV staff into this really nasty, depressive room, again, not making good Public Relations job for Islam. Or who would dream about praying in such depressive place? The Earth is one big mosque, so it would be maybe better, to remain outside, than to squeeze in this nasty basement, like if Islam would be some sect of conspirators, like that treacherous Gulenists!

When they are discussing Islamic issues, Radka literally shines between them, but not only because of her incomparable youth, wide smiles and dark beauty. Her overall presentation is strong, shining and powerful, she is an actress, after all, and surprisingly, as apparent infidel, she is certain in her speech and faith even inside a house of Allah, a religious place, so all three women remain passive, listening to her, accepting her as an Islamic leader… although she is practically an infidel.

And that is another bad fact for Czech Islam. The women should use the unique situation to deploy certain pressure on Radka, so she would succumb and become real Muslim, with Allah’s help and permission. They had this chance, granted by Allah, but they hardly used it for the welfare of Islam. So they hardly earned some credit by Allah that time. They should repent and learn, how to use such opportunities well, next time.

Instead, they are passive, listening to her, like some harbinger of Islam. they are impressed, knowing, that in a few more days, she could teach them about Islam, she could lead them to the light of Allah’s salvation, she could make perfect da’wah, bringing even thousands to Islam, as good examples are always followed, like Marketa Maryam Korinkova, called “The Islamic Princess”, who is respected in the whole world because of many achievements, and she is perceived as good example for Muslims.

Of course, that they would want such a sister, such a blessing, like Radka, in the middle of infidel land! She would upraise the whole community… one single woman! But there are none, it seems, so the Czech Ummah is crumbling, ruled by half-Islamic female apostates.

Marketa Maryam Korinkova: The Islamic Princess

In the end, Radka makes a complete salat with other three, praying in congregation, inside the mosque, and her performance is most impressive. She is synchronized with them very well, she moves so nicely. She should make an Imam for them!

It’s really strange and disturbing, that they didn’t use the Imam, leading the prayer in front, when Radka was present, as it would be much easy to follow for her. This way, she had to check on side, what others are doing.

radka-fisarova-muslim-woman-female-prayer-salat-czech-prague-mosque-line-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsAlso, notice, how strangely the quattro of women lined up: one of them is literally pushed to the wall. It doesn’t look well… why didn’t the women use the carpet pattern, designated for avoiding of such incidents with space? Not speaking about other mistake, that the third woman is standing away from others, whereas Muslims should be lightly touching on sides, and that is valid even for females.

Last problem is, that they didn’t synchronize their movements, to look better for the camera, to remind unity and power of Ummah, which could be yet emphasized by presence of more believers, and they also didn’t synchronize the position of their hands: Amina, and particularly the third woman, use rather male way, whereas females should put hands on their chest.

Again, general impression and presentation of Czech Ummah is really questionable in the programme, and apparently small insignificant details and mistakes make big problems. The participants are maybe good believers, but they are losing many possible PR points for Islam, again, throwing away great chance from Allah, to serve Islam well, and to earn a lot of credit.

In the end, Fisarova expresses her overall impressions, but rather playing media game, appreciating Amina loudly, that she is content with her life, whereas many other people are not satisfied, counting losses, thinking about what they don’t have yet. “We don’t appreciate what we have, and we only watch, what we don’t have,” Radka says in conclusion some wisdom.

Then, her hijab is removed, and she “free” again. Really painful moment, and big loss for the whole Ummah indeed! As she is not under wise guidance of Allah any more, she humiliates the mosque by releasing her hair, and shaking them, like in some café, omitting the fact, that woman’s hair should be covered, when inside a house of Allah.

Anyway, there is a discussion in the Czech Islamic community, particularly in Teplice, where Salafi (=conservative, orthodox) influences are apparent, whether the alleged infidel freedom, reacquired by Radka after shooting and removing the hijab, is real.

There is an opinion, that if she repeatedly said “Allahu Akbar”, dressed in Islamic hijab, and she made repeated prayer in Qibla direction (towards Kaaba in Mecca, Saudi Arabia), she could theoretically convert to Islam, as she worshipped Allah without any doubt, and publicly, in front of at least one “qualified” Muslim witnesses: the Takbeer is in fact claim, that Allah is ultimate entity in this world, implying, that He is (the only) God indeed, so it could be perceived as simplified version of Shahadah, Islamic declaration of faith.

Anyway: one day, this Islamic affair will be remembered. And Radka Fisarova will be very likely appreciated and respected by Ummah, for inspiration she brought, how things should look like, to be effective, because Islam must grow. It’s not enough just to pray, you need to serve to Allah, contribute for growth of the religion, thus getting new followers. And with Radka’s approach, Islam could win in Europe just in one year. She became truly an asset for Ummah, so the title “Woman of Islam” is fully deserved.

They say, that Islam will win in Europe eventually, because of pending massive immigration and clear demographic trends (much higher natality of Muslims). But you don’t have so much time, to wait passively to see it one day, maybe. Every Muslim has to contribute to this sacred struggle, Jihad for territory and influence, where the critical mission for Europe is immediate reconquest of Al-Andalus (Islamic Spain, where the last remaining Granada Emirate fell to Christians in 1492, after almost 800 years of wise Muslim rule on the Iberian peninsula, where Muslims, Jews and Christians coexisted in peace and flourished, whereas after Christian “Reconquista”, there was violence, expulsion of Jews and Muslims alike, and forced conversions to Christianity, truly a nasty chapter of Christian European history).

And with help and blessing of Allah, this struggle will be won.

“ME, A MUSLIM WOMAN” Video (Czech language, without subtitles)

Prayer – Prague Castle: 5:21
Prayer – Congregation Mosque: 23:46

Women of Islam: Message of Peace, Freedom, Destiny

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