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One of the most beautiful Muslim women of the world to date, Sandra El-Hussein, originating from a Jordani VIP family with royal aristocratic ties, combines her wide philantrophy, modesty and willingness to help disadvantaged persons, particularly refugees from Islamic countries, coming to settle into Europe, finding new fortune there, with immense female beauty of an elite fashion model, and utmost hunger for media career, to pursue her girlish dreams, and to utilize the immense physical gifts, given to her by Allah, the Most Glorified, the Most Exalted, the only deity.

Her desired destination is Dubai, United Arab Emirates, where she is willing to stand against such elite females, like Alexandra Pianka, Sara Al Madani or the most reputated of them all: Marketa Korinkova Maryam, called the Islamic Princess, who also leads into the movie industry, to hit the widest possible audience with her universal artistic abilities, both acting and screenplay writing: her projects, “Forbidden Love in Al-Andalus” and “Royal War For Alexandra Pianka” gained much appreciation and respect by experts of the movie industry.

However, Sandra El-Hussein has one immense advantage against all women mentioned: she is really young, cute, fresh, but also dark and mysterious, decorated by large brown eyes, ultimately symmetric feminine face and immensely rich and shining hair, and she is able to combine such girlish innocence with accepting the ruthless rules of present world, endless war for territory and influence, regarding women too.

She looks truly as a genuine Persian Gulf princess, you know, rich and distant from common people, and several royal male VIPs of the Middle East gulf already presented their clear interest to marry her, including Faris Al-Kooheji from Bahrain, a VIP businessman with Lamborghini Aventador.

Although Sandra doesn’t wear a hijab, and she can be considered as Westernized Muslim woman, living in Denmark, her media and personal success is simply inevitable, as such is the will of Allah, who has chosen her as His shining ambassador, informing the world audience, that beauty is not a question of mere face, but rather a feature of Islam, the world’s only one perfected and complete religion, which she represents proudly.

The Dubai’s Council For Islamic Affairs, sponsored by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s office, presented their clear willingness to provide support for Sandra El-Hussein, to become an example for young Emirati women of her age, who need to make good decisions, to succeed in life, to become good Muslims, to resist all the corruption, coming from the infidel West.

The emir of Dubai, UAE’s vice president, prime minister and Minister of Defence, has apparently his personal interest in the affair, as several of his countless daughters are close to Sandra’s age, and the ruler wants to be assured, that they will be inspired by a proper Islamic example, influencing their education and growth.

“Indeed, we have too much of mature women here, who succumbed to the Western veneer, showing their wealth, pursuing their professional careers, like mad, becoming selfish, self-obsessed, improving their breasts and lips with chemistry, neglecting their Islamic and family duties,” the Sheikh claimed, when supervising opening of a new school for young talented Emirati girls. “But what kind of future are those ‘modern’ women bringing to the Emirates? Shall we become another West, a part of this global effort to melt all cultures into one, so the multinational companies can make more profit?”

On the other hand, the Sheikh appreciated Sandra El-Hussein’s wide social effort, when she exchanges all the wealth and convenient life to fulfill basic Islamic duties, it means serving Allah, and the community, not living only for your personal dreams of media fame and success.

Sandra herself was very pleased by Sheikh’s respect, commenting the issue modestly:

“I am just a young girl, like thousands of others, studying an University, enjoying life, living in the present moment, so I don’t feel special somehow. But my family was always a great inspiration to me, particularly our women, and philantrophy has deep tradition in Denmark, so it’s not so unusual, what I do.

However, media and arts, it’s my passion. And I can become someone else on the movie screen, including women with not so good character… but inside me, there is always deep faith in Allah, and submission to Him.

This is, what I am: a Muslim woman.”

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