Women of Islam: Sara Al Madani. Miss Middle East Royal Elite VIP Aristocracy Fashion Model Business Entrepreneur Queen Wealth Influence Ambassador Persian Gulf Arabia Beauty Leader Woman Female

Say the name of the most beautiful, successful and inspiring young woman of the Middle East!

No. 1 is certainly Maryam Al Maktoum (Marketa Korinkova) from United Arab Emirates, but she is imported, converted to Islam, not born in the endless hot deserts of Arabia and Persian Gulf, thus disqualified from MISS MIDDLE EAST competition and beauty contest.

But Her Excellency Sara Al Madani (UAE) is simply a fulfilled dream of many, as she has everything, as Allah, the Most Glorified, the Most High, is indeed very generous towards this Emirati VIP woman: He granted her the royal ancestry, wealth, beautiful face and body, intelligence, abilities, drive, personality… she has it all, with His permission, such was His will.

Dark, secretive, mysterious, seducing, feminine… oh, it’s hard not to fall in love with Sara instantly, when you see her, when she strikes you with her immense Middle Eastern, Arabic beauty, charm and magic!

You have seen this ultimate woman in your secret dreams…

If you are a man, you want to have such a bride, because you want only the best!

All women want to be like her, men desire for her, all are captivated by her beauty and success.

Be careful, not to lose your breath, looking into her beautiful eyes!

She could be so great witch… but it’s forbidden in Islam.

Only that “duck-like” artificial lips, enhanced with synthetics, are just terrible! She went too far in her obsession for perfection and ultimate beauty, which is indeed natural for females, who spent so much time improving their sex-appeal and appearance, to have higher social power, to obtain access for more resources.

As you can see, Sara failed in the test of Allah, and she succumbed to this fitnah, she allowed the plastic surgeons to alter the perfection of creation of Allah… she wants too much of worldly, transient values, and ends too far from Allah, drowning in madness, obsession and health risks, as these medical interventions, executed by infidels from GHC Clinic, are dangerous.

But Allah has His intentions with her, as she is His great creation, she is submitted to Him. He created her destiny, and He is entitled to judge her.

Instead of thinking about her, think about Allah: He is the Leader, He is the Teacher. He is above all, He has no partners or siblings, and with Him, you have everything you need. Without Him, even with all the beauty and wealth of the world, you are lost.

Maybe Sara should return to her Islamic roots, to see, what is right, and what is wrong, what it means to be a Muslim, to be a Muslim woman. Because it’s too easy to go down from the Straight Path of Islam, when they start applauding you, admiring you, awaking madness inside you, and you think, that all world and blue sky belongs to you… but don’t be wrong, as all you have, it belongs to Allah, including all lands.

All the corrupted rulers, royals, VIP and aristocrats, who deploy un-Islamic rules and decadent Western novelties at the Middle East nowadays, in the Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain and even Saudi Arabia… they will be punished by Allah, and He will take all power and wealth from them, He will replace them with others.

Sara Al Madani lives in complicated times, in complicated world, which deviates from Islam on many occassions… but inside her, there is good. She is a good woman, a good servant and devoted slave of Allah, created by Allah to achieve great things for all the Ummah, the world Islamic community.

Then, why doesn’t she fight in some important Islamic cause, like liberating Al-Andalus from infidels? Those people like her, whose voices should be heard, they should put their time, energy and wealth into Jihad, a sacred duty of all Muslims, so Islam can liberate all lands, all poor wandering souls… but instead, many of those corrupted Muslim leaders are spending the money for cars and luxury items… shame and punishment of Allah on them!



Women of Islam: Message of Peace, Freedom, Destiny

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