Women of Islam: Woroud Sawalha. Palestine Muslim Hijab Woman Sport Athlete Islam Runner Olympics Inspiration Allah Palestinian Devotion Liberation Leader Gaza Jerusalem Islamic Missionary Female

During 2012 London Olympic Games, all the Palestinian squirrels of Jerusalem gathered, to become the biggest fans and supporters of Woroud Sawalha (*1991), a shining deputy of Islam at the ultimate sport competition, an inspiring young female, who represented the state of Palestine, and its struggle for liberation from violent Israeli oppression and wide atrocities, committed by merciless assassins from Israeli Army towards Palestinian civilians at Gaza, including defenceless women, children and even newborns, never punished by any international court.

Woroud Sawalha sent a clear message to the world about her strong personal affiliations and life mission: her shining bright hijab, the Islamic headscarf, the symbol of female modesty and obedience towards Allah, the Most Glorified, the Most Exalted, the only deity, worthy of worshipping, and her devotion towards interests of Palestinian people, like freedom, territorial integrity, independence, and complete international recognition, which they deserve.

She was so beautiful and noble, running at the 800 meters race in front of the world, between all that half-naked bodies of her infidel sport competitors, whereas little squirrels of Palestine watched her, eating their favorite nuts, given them by generous Muslims, who invited the little cute beasties to watch the TV broadcast with them, in a Jerusalem cafe of the Muslim quarter.

“This is indeed the best example of an Islamic woman,” the smart squirrels presented their admiring opinion about Woroud Sawalha. “She puts Allah first, always. She is grateful to Him. She makes her efficient da’wah, public promotion of Islam, so more people can discover immense rewards and advantages of the only complete and perfected religion.

She is not like that corrupted, rich, half-Islamic bitches from the Persian Gulf, drowning in wealth, who live only for themselves, selfishly, decorated by gold and silk, not doing anything for the community, the Ummah, corrupted by the West, forgetting about suffering of their brothers and sisters in Islam, living in the world’s largest ghetto in Gaza.

And she is also pretty, intelligent, bright, strong… she will be a great wife and mother, with the permission of Allah, when she will retire from sports, to settle down, to fulfill her female destiny, to give birth to the army of Islam, executing Demographic Jihad… until all Palestine, people and we squirrels alike, will be free, if Allah will permit, and the criminal state of Israel will disintegrate, as it was established completely unlawfully anyway, and it doesn’t represent the opinion of the world Jewry, as our squirrels colleagues from adjacent Jewish quarter reported.

Indeed, this woman is a fulfilled dream of any Muslim man. She is the hope for sustainable future of the world, for peace and unity, not like those subversive female guerillas from Estrogen Conspiracy, like Princess Ameerah Al-Taweel from Saudi Arabia.

The only thing we don’t like about Woroud, is that she allows non-related men to touch her, to embrace her over the shoulders, and such behavior is not permitted for Muslims. But she certainly realizes her mistake, and she will improve, to be yet better worshipper of Allah, to please Him yet more.

O Allah! All praise belongs to You only! Both we and her are grateful towards You, for everything You are giving us, in Your endless generosity, how you are supporting us, helping us, protecting us, inspiring us, loving us, teaching us!

And this message of Islam must be heard by all, brought by great ambassadors of Islam like Woroud Sawalha!

Allahu Akbar!
Long Live Palestine!
All Praise Belongs To Allah!”

Women Of Islam: Message of Peace, Freedom, Destiny

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