Women Will Show Us The Way by Alan Svejk

The present world brings many security challenges. But there is an overlooked asset, who can massively contribute to world peacekeeping: Women. In Security, Military and Business, they can bring the ultimate advantages for preserving the peace and higher state and social interests. But it is necessary to awake them, to show them, how they are important, so they can orientate and find their directions.

Women Will Show Us The Way by Alan SvejkI feel that somebody should contribute to this noble effort of empowering women, so they will enter Business, Security and Military in plentiful numbers. At first, we will give something to them, and later, they will help to stabilize the world and make our future sustainable.

I am completely persuaded, that the future of Security, Military and Business branches will belong to women. And that is not only some empty declaration – their abilities are so unique, that they can change everything, and bring us what we always hoped for: a balanced approach. Not another confrontations and useless demonstrations of power, but only more suitable soft power, understanding, negotiating and finding peace solutions.

Now, how to achieve the world peace and stability?

The Unconventional Warfare, particularly Information Warfare, the place where women fit the best, is very unique sort of modern warfare, because it offers suchpeaceful solutions of conflicts, avoiding any physical force and coercion. The West could learn the lesson, that present conflicts can´t be won by force anymore. All that assymetric and irregular conflicts could be won only with substantial changing the strategy.

It simply needs another approach: careful, soft. Only then, an adversary can change his stance and actions, even become a friend and ally. And only women are able to bring this unique quality, so the international relations will improve, and many conflicts will be prevented or avoided.

We should invite women to these worlds of Business, Security and Military, open all doors for them, so they can lead the way, and change our perception and values.

And women can enlighten us males too. Because today, we are often silly andwe invest our energy in many wrong directions, believing in many questionable, outdated values. It´s in our best male interest to be able to see more, to see more colors of the world, life philosophy and things, so our own lives will improve and will become sustainable. Women will help us with some weight of that heavy burden of responsibility. Let´s give them this opportunity right now!

My modest contribution to this accomplishment: the unique training program for females, called simply: “This Is Your World”, with combined features for better female access to Business, Security and Military worlds, altering their thinking and perception of their opportunities.

They will be inspired to see, where they can be useful, where and how they can substantially change things, be important, even key figures. Then, they can consider their future career in Business, Security and Military, bringing better and balanced approach there. This effort should also help to Women Empowerment, Women Inclusion and Gender Balance. They will be able to get more economic opportunities too.

I will try my best, to influence the females to be the best they can be, and toimprove our world, by preserving peace. But to that purpose, we have to prepare them first. Introduce them to previously unknown and strange worlds. Make assets of them. Inspire them.

Why do I feel qualified for this mission? Firstly, nobody else does this yet and we are losing time. Secondly, my own studies and research of Female Security Assets are the most deep in the history of mankind. Read more to consider yourself:

Edit: First chapter is online: “Female Public Relations and Influence”

Alan Svejk (*1978), an Unconventional Warfare Specialist and member of famous Svejk family, proud of brave military deeds of his forgotten Grandpa and determined to get the highest Czech military medal for him – The Order Of The White Lion. www.svejk-alan.cz

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