WU Corporation: Advanced Questionnaire for Security Personnel (Intelligence, Police, Military)

Much more complex version of Basic Questionnaire of Wu Corporation (for common assets and clients), intended for persons with previous history of employment in:

– (Counter) Intelligence services (state-owned, like Czech BIS, and private, like STRATFOR)
Militarized Police (SWAT, Ministry of Interior)
Special Forces (Military, Ministry of Defence)

As these potential assets will participate in the most sensitive, even delicate operations of Wu Corp, both home and abroad, including high profile corporate espionage, their recruitment process is very thorough, supervised by feared Internal Affairs (IA) department, a corporate Intelligence service in practice, to prevent infiltration of hostile assets, and preserving overall quality of Wu’s human resources, plus, The Gronholm Method is used on assets, to test their real personalities.

Exact text is not known, except these few leaked questions:

– State all your security operations you have participated in, including dates, places, names of assets, superiors and commanders, other units involved, and results
– State all your promotions, medals and commendations. When and why you have received them

– Provide a list of all former colleagues, prone to corruption, extortion, bribery, vices and seduction. Describe their weaknesses in detail
– Describe weaknesses of general operating of your previous organization, suitable to be exploited by Wu
– Describe cyber-security weaknesses of your previous employer
– Describe all your mistakes, crimes, cases of clientelism, opportunism and breaking of internal rules you have committed, when employed there, and those of your colleagues, incl. names, motivations, reasons and results
– Provide information, whether you “neutralized” (=incapacitated, killed, or even executed) a human being in previous state service, and what consequences this event had for your immediate PSY state and future service/combat efficiency. Describe method(s) you have used for elimination and all cirmcumstances of this action, incl. following investigation and reactions/events in the chain of command
– Describe, what experience does gambling, alcohol intoxication and risky activities (adrenaline sports, crime, unprotected sex) bring you
– Answer the question, whether you are willing to be exposed to The Device (Military version), an untested prototype of TDE (Time Displacement Equipment), which can have unforeseen consequences
– Analyze very thoroughfully the 2010 Dubai assassination case (an alleged Palestinian terrorist, executed by a team of 17 Israeli Mossad operatives, using passports of other countries, in a Dubai hotel). Present your opinion about used strategy and tactics. What mistakes did the assets make, and their commanders? How could it happen? What would you do differently, to assure success of the operation, and avoiding their mistakes?
– If you would be tasked with executing a perfect assassination of a high-profile target (details of a “mark” on page 53), how would you proceed as a team leader, using commonly available weaponry, ammunition, equipment, assault chemicals, manpower and resources, if the task is to commit:

1) Spectacular elimination
2) Low profile elimnation
3) Inconspicuous elimination
4) False flag operation (to instigate hatred on a selected group, marked deliberately as alleged attacker)
5) Religiously-based elimination
6) “Medially interesting” elimination, attractive for PR purposes

whereas following condition(s) is/are to be met:

A) To avoid state surveillance and leaving lowest level of (digital) evidence
B) To limit the overall financial expenses of the operation
C) To limit the risks of a security breach (compromising the operation)
D) To assure, that no one (a caught operative) will speak, to reveal the details to the enemy
E) Physical access to the freshly fallen enemy is needed, to retrieve an important package from his body (e.g. secret files he is carrying)

if there can be yet following secondary objective(s):

I.) To cause as much damage on enemy infrastructure and/or soft targets as possible
II.) To force the enemy to send massive police or military response, so his forces will be missing elsewhere (diversion)
III.) To provoke a violent retaliation of the enemy’s paramilitary forces, militias and/or agitated citizens in the streets
IV.) To provoke a full-scale war, started by the furious enemy (like 9/11 was)

(Rebels, insurgents and terrorists then continue with filling the Guerilla’s Questionnaire), and all persons are obliged to Counter Infiltration Survey

Wu Corporation: Operations

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