WU Corporation: ANDROKILLIN. Poison Female Conspiracy Matriarchy Gender Warfare. Lower Male Aggression Make Men Effeminate. Raising Estrogen Levels. Delivery: Poisoning Water Sources

manufactured by Wu Corporation, Industrial Biotechnology division
Originally a classified substance/poison for Special Forces use, tested to be deployed in combat against Islamic State, but later forbidden by UN Security Council, designated as “more dangerous than WMDs
“Cure for male aggression”
Part of Estrogen Conspiracy, to achieve female superiority, to establish matriarchy (rule of women)

Accusations of poisoning wells and water sources by radical females from EGPD (Executive Group For Peace And Disarmament)

Making men effeminate and soft, by raising estrogen levels in their bodies
Only protection is Aqua Andros, another product of Wu Corporation

Suspicion, that corporate rats from Wu want to enslave all men, using female conspiracy as cat’s pawn

Terrorist Conspiracy: Rebellion, Guerilla, Insurgency

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