Wu Corporation – Anti-Canine Essences (ACE)

As military/police dogs (or canine, K9 units) like to be deployed in order to prevent infiltration of an enemy, as they have more sensitive senses, than humans, any modern military Special Forces needs to be equipped with suitable and effective anti-K9 equipment, to be able to pass through these defenses, and to defend against attacking canine assets. And Wu Corporation, a key multinational defence supplier, offers a complex solution for this serious threat.

Anti-K9 Poison (AKP), specially designed for use against dogs, harmless for humans and other fauna, with immediate effect

Anti-K9 Spikes (AKS), useful as traps, to hurt their exposed paws, and deliver the assault substances (either AKP or AKAS), these spikes can be thrown or shot against (attacking) animals from distance for long range elimination

Anti-K9 Assault Spices (AKAS), to eliminate canine sniffing ability instantly – a countermeasure against deployment of dogs during military and police manhunts, to preserve security and chance for escape for SF operators. Effect: either temporary (AKAS-T), or permanent (AKAS-P)

Wu Corporation – Products (Military)

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