Wu Corporation: Bezeq International, Telco Israel (Mossad, IDF)

In 2012, when Israel privatized their most important telco company, Bezeq International (BEZQ), the Chinese perceived it very correctly as immensely beneficial opportunity, to get control of overall Israeli security operations, including their Military (IDF, Israeli Defence Forces) and Intelligence services (Mossad), and military Command and Control, criticial for overall defence capabilities of Israel, plus a perfect opportunity, how to easily instigate Muslim unrest in Jerusalem (through delivery of fake  Intelligence), to keep the Israeli military and police apparatus occupied.

Moreover, as it was the highest interest of Czech state, the key military purchaser of Wu Corporation, an alleged multinational corporate front of Chinese Commnist Party, to infiltrate the Israeli comms, particularly related to Mossad Intelligence agency for executive action abroad (Operation WALLS OF HAIFA), as Israel became the principal military ally of Czechia, instead of crumbling United States, Wu Corp offered a deal to Czechs: they will acquire control of Bezeq Int through their fronts and shell corporations, but Czech state will allow them to execute “special research” on the Czech national territory, at secret SPECOPS base near Teplice city (WMDs, TDE, PHE and toxin bioweapons).

Since this acquisition, Israel lost much of its former geopolitical strength. Reasons for it are many, but one of them is losing any privacy of their communications to omnipresent Chinese.

Other critical assets for global dominance: transport, rare raw materials

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