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As the multinational Wu Corporation has many immense treasures in their possession, be it research, inventions, property or human assets, and their ties reach the highest level of many states, the corporate conspirators are under close surveillance and deep interest of HUMINT (Human Intelligence) assets of various Intelligence and CounterIntelligence services, who try to infiltrate the company through Recruitment, coming into Main Corporate Offices in Dubai, masked as common corporate professionals of all possible backgrounds, with their “legends” (=cover tales and identities) carefully crafted by their malicious masterminds.

Wu Corporation. Your Dreams Fulfilled.
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In Czech Republic, the main player of this dangerous realm is Czech CounterIntelligence service BIS, residing in Prague-Stodulky, but clever, balanced Chinese never define them as enemies: on the contrary, like everybody else, Wu uses assets as their suitable pawns, including agents and operatives, like Ivana Benova, if Wu needs to “leak” some secret, to damage their enemies and to prevent any foreign intelligence operations and corporate espionage against Wu Corp to succeed.

Ivana Benova: The Sexy Spy
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The general Counter-Infiltration activities of Wu are backed by their feared Internal Affairs (IA) department, which manufactured basic tools to counter various human threats: except The Gronholm Method (see sample questions), there are Basic Questionnaire (all employees and clients), Advanced Questionnaire (Police, Intelligence and Military personnel), Guerilla Questionnaire (potential terrorists), and obligatory Counter Infiltration Survey.


Were you ever physically present at the main BIS complex at Prague-Stodulky?
Were you ever directly contacted by a BIS operative?
As a student, did you attain at a BIS-mediated internship?
Were you offered such internship during your studies?
Are you connected to BIS in any capacity?
Are you are an operative of BIS, deployed at Counter-Triad operations?
State five names of people in your vicinity, who could be BIS operatives or collaborators (=these must be real, existing persons, and you have to know them, as additional questions about them will be asked)
Were you ever seduced by a person, whom you suspected to be an Intelligence operative?

Did you ever supply a classified or sensitive information to your lover?
Did any of your lovers ask you about your company’s secrets and sensitive procedures?
Was any of your previous employers hit by a major cyber-attack, while you were working there?
Have you ever considered a career of an Intelligence operative?
Did any person in your social vicinity recommend you an Intelligence career? State the name(s) and circumstances
Did you ever visit the BIS Internet website?
If BIS recruitment officers would approach you and offer you cooperation, would you listen to them? What would they have to offer you, to accept?
Are you willing to sell or give Wu’s secrets to BIS or other Intelligence agency? For how much price?
Did you apply for a Wu job with intention to infiltrate WU Corp’s corporate structures?
Did you ever participate in corporate espionage?
Did you ever have doubts about real identity or work of your lover?
Are you able to handle assault weapons, pistols and/or combat knives?
Do you use surveillance cameras or offensive cyber measures (keylogger) in your life, to have control of your vicinity?
Have you ever recorded a telephone or personal conversation without telling the other side, and for which purpose?
Are you fascinating by option to look into private secrets of other people?
Do you like to watch other people, when they don’t know about your presence and activity?
Are you excited with option to damage or even liquidate your enemies, by releasing their “secret dirty laundry” into merciless tabloid media?
If you would receive a critically important piece of Intelligence, what would you do with it?
Have you ever heard the name Lucy Lao, and do you know about her whereabouts? Remember, Wu Corp will pay any information about her current residence well… help Wu with removing this traitor and pest, and you will have your dream employment.

Wu Corporation: Questionnaires
Wu Corporation Multinational China Chinese Conspiracy Global Dominance Illuminati Executive Military Special Forces Czech Prague Scandal Controversy Media 2 - Alan Svejk VIP Affairs

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