EGPD: Executive Group For Peace And Disarmament. Urban Guerilla Activist Female Estrogen Conspiracy Matriarchy Active Measures

There are rumors, that EGPD (meaning Executive Group For Peace And Disarmament), a clique of alleged peace activists, is an artificially created and fully controlled “enemy” of Wu Corporation and elite Special Forces of the Czech Military, as a controlled enemy is always most useful for various purposes
Active Measures deployed
To get overview and control over enemies of WU and opponents of militarization and Czech nuclear armament.
Efforts to mark the EGPD as a terrorist organization by Czech CounterIntelligence apparatus (BIS), to provoke Militarized Police assaults and raids against its headquarters and members, and put it under massive electronic and physical surveillance
Rumors about EGPD secretly backed by Wu’s enemies from Israel
EGPD is allegedly misused by female radicals and guerillas, who want to use it in their rumored Estrogen Conspiracy

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