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Spiritual Occultism segment by Wu Corp
Backed by Baroness Eleonore of Kessler (Liechtenstein, Austria, Switzerland)
“Your Beloved Ones Can Live Forever”

Immortality Research, Secret Magical Rituals
Offering help with getting into paradise (after life, hereafter)
Spiritual relief, confessions from sins, tarot
Order of White Serpent
Order of White Serpent Illuminati Medical Conspiracy Immortality Sexual Orgy VIP Celebrity Fashion Models GHC Group Magical Ritual Witchcraft Fraud Military - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs

Effort to ressurect Prophet Jesus of Nazareth, using stolen Shroud of Turin and latest state-of-the-art DNA hardware by GHC Group
GHC Group Clinic Genetisc Lab DNA Biogen Experiment Test Medical Conspiracy Illuminati VIP Fashion Model Elite Karla Cizova Director - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs

Training of witches, acquiring new VIP occultist members and seducing female “meat”
Be a Sexy Love Witch
Love Witch Witchcraft Sexy Feminity Feminine Arts Craft Sexy Seduction Energy Female Woman Power Magician Tarot Dark Conspiracy Illuminati - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs

Basic purpose of the charity foundation:
to compete with Tatana Kucharova‘s treacherous effort of extracting money from wealthy senior citizens and obtaining black funds, by persuading them to change their last wills and testaments, using legal services of Kenner, Bach & Ledeen law firm, for financing black military operations
Tatana Kucharova Krasa Pomoci Foundation Fashion Model Czech Senior Retired Fraud Conspiracy Illuminati Legal Testimony Heritage Theft - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs

Executive Director:
Katerina Motovska
(former Czechoslovak Models executive and fashion model)
Katerina Motovska Jan Motovsky Widow Murder Conspiracy Nice France Businessman Miss Czech assassination kidnapping disappearance police sexy fashion model - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs 39

Dear citizens of advanced age!

You know, that now it’s the right time to arrange the worldly affairs, so you will be able to leave this transient world and enter the Paradise without stress, that you forgot to arrange your last will the right way, and what will happen here, after your final demise.

You should think not only about your family, but also the community, and what good can you do for others, to be remembered, so your name can enter many exciting modern tales, that YOU were the responsible, wise and generous patron, who supported some interesting scientific project in the name of improving health care for people, even sustainable future of the nation, and Western civilization.

Thus, we offer you unique opportunity, to support not only reseach on immortality, but also many critical black military operations of Czech Special Forces, serving to preserve national security of Czechia, and all of its citizens – like you, your family, your children, who will be able to enjoy their lives in peace.
Special Forces Czech Army Special Unit C102 PSYOPS Paramilitary Conspiracy Military SPECOPS Unconventional Warfare INFOOPS Secret Covert Clandestine Classified - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs

But such an achievement, in this unstable, cruel world, full of rebellion, instability and terrorism… surely, it asks some ‘out of the books’ effort, you can imagine, as there is never enough of taxpayers money for ‘special defence projects’.

So, don’t hesitate to entrust your wealth into the responsible management of Baroness Kessler Charity Foundation, so the world can be improved, while you will enjoy the deserved rest in the heavens. But the violent struggle here, downstairs… it will continue, and it will be your resources, which can mean difference between victory and defeat, between life and death, between freedom and slavery.

For example, it was the generous contribution of Pravdoslav Milacek from Jevicko city, in the value of 8 million CZK in bonds, shares and cash, which allowed our brave military personnel to seduce Israeli actress Gal Gadot, so the Jews will provide much more of their defence capabilities for us, when realizing, that we are able to move anybody, like pawns.
Mister Milacek was never in the Army, never standing on the proud guard of our safety, and he regretted this fact very much later in his life, so he perceived this way as a proper compensation: ‘This is my last chance to fulfill my basic male duty, and I will do the right decision this time.’
Anyway, all your debts to the Republic are settled now, Pravdoslav, and you can rest in peace!
Gal Gadot Actress Fashion Model Miss Israel Israeli Jew Jewish Jewess Hollywood Military Special Forces Conspiracy Seduction Affair Czech Army - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs

Or this generous lady, Bozidara Turzonova from Horni Dolni, who donated her family house in the value of 15 million CZK, because, as she said: ‘My dear husband would wish that’… she allowed the Female Warfare department of Czech SPECOPS to train ten more additional personnel, who managed to seduce the most important men across the whole world, so the foreign influence and power of the Czech state improved tremendously.
Thank you, Bozidara and your responsible husband! We remember you, praying to God to be merciful to your souls!

And now, it’s your turn, citizen! Do this important, positive and responsible decision, and you will be pampered in all senses: our partner, GHC Group, offers you the best health care and preserving your DNA for future possibility of resurrection.
And if your contribution will be at least 10.000.000 CZK, your children will be invited to Order of White Serpent as regular members, so they can participate at many important events, deciding the fate of the whole state.

Baroness Kessler Charity Foundation
is awaiting your immediate response.

We accept all kinds of valuables, from tiny diamonds to residential houses. And every contribution will be used well, for higher interests! Experienced lawyers from Kenner, Bach & Ledeen law firm will help you with altering of your last will (testament).

Senior citizens! This is your ultimate opportunity to do something good in life, to rectify all the sins against morality, and state laws!
Yes, you hear well! All citizens with contributions over 10M have full state amnesty granted, so they can relieve their conscience by confessing to all worldly sins and crimes!

And you remember, what bad things you did, don’t you, even after fifty years and so?
War crimes? Informing Communist Police about crimes of your neighbours? Theft of state property? Maybe even murder of your pregnant lover, not to jeopardize your family happiness?

So, visit us, let’s have a talk about our joint future, and about a way, how all those sins of the past, haunting you whole time, can be rectified!

Baroness Kessler Charity Foundation
Katerina Motovska – Executive Director
Venceslas Square 821/39
11000 Prague

Wu Corporation: Spiritual Occultism
Spiritual Occultism Illuminati Elite VIP Secret Ritual Craft Knowledge Conspiracy Witch Witchcraft Dark Black Magic Feminine Feminity - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs

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