Global Liberation Army (GLA): Modern Multinational Terrorist VIP Organization. Revolution Guerilla Rebellion Insurgency Terrorism Conspiracy Worldwide Division Subversion Sabotage

GLA is a multinational terrorist organization of modern advanced type, operating in all regions of the world, like Islamic State (IS, ISIS, ISIL), secretly supported and funded by Chinese Wu Corporation, through their controversial Terrorism Financing programme, to instigate wide unrest in the world and to force the Western civilization, the basic Chinese competitor, to create divisions and collapse.

Main mujahid of GLA Jihad and terrorist conspiracy:
Dr. Thrax

 using WMDs, particularly deadly toxins (Weaponized Anthrax Beta, Anthrax Gamma), manufactured by Wu’s industrial biotechnology division (Red Leaf Biotech, United Northfield)

New GLA Corporate logo, created by Saatchi PR agency:
GLA Global Liberation Army Terrorist Terrorism Conspiracy Guerilla Insurgency Rebellion - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs

Main media asset:
Omar Bin Ghazali, a Wahhabi from ARC News (Qatar)

Sudanese GLA division:
Mose Akinjide, terrorist warlord

Favorite offensive ordnance: Semtex COLOR

Armament of Vintage Terrorist brand: Technical
Technical Terrorist GLA Global Liberation Army Conspiracy Insurgent Rebel Guerilla multinational - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs

Terrorist Conspiracy: Rebellion, Insurgency, Guerilla

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