Exhibition of Czech Nuclear Retaliatory Weapon “The Dark Sun” (WMD), Centrum Chodov, Prague. Warhear Atomic Plutonium Launch Order Army Devastation Retaliation National Security Defence

Dear children, students, parents, seniors and all concerned Czech citizens!

After a famous journalistic report of the Heavy Slander gossip magazine from visiting of the Czech nuclear weapons facility was released, many of you manifested great interest in the nuclear weapons programme of the Czech Military, called “The Dark Sun”, a retaliatory weapon of mass destruction (WMD), supplied by multinational Wu Corporation from Shanghai, China, the key defence supplier of Czech Army, and operated by rumored Special Unit C102: PSYOPS, WMD department, at the secret SPECOPS military base near Teplice.


To provide you all necessary answers, explanations, details, and to dissolve many myths, subversive enemy propaganda and various media lies, regarding The Dark Sun, we invite you to the Centrum Chodov, the ultimate Czech shopping mall, owned by Wu Corporation, where very unique and complex exhibition of “Project 258”, with headline:

“Why is our national nuclear armament important for your safety?”

will be presented between March 21, 2017, until April 20, 2017, together with rich supporting events, under patronage of Katerina Motovska, the Minister of Defence, very suitable for proper education of Czech school children, as recommended by Katerina Valachova, the Czech Minister of Education.

There, you and your children can:

– See a smaller version of the ballistic missile carrier (ICBM), based on famous German V-2 rocket (14 meters of length)
– Touch and examine the nuclear warhead itself (of course, without real filling of enriched uranium and hydrogen, replaced by inert substance)
– Understand, how the weapon works, what is necessary for launch, and which countermeasures it uses, to bypass the enemy defences, and to hit the designated target(s) successfully
– Try to operate the launch panel as an operator, when a launch order by highest places of the state would be issued, including preliminary assessment of the strike’s efficiency, and thus strategic and/or tactical suitability
– Learn about the utmost importance of The Dark Sun for overall defence capabilities of Czechia, so no further foreign invasions into our national territory, like in shameful 1920, 1938 and 1968 will happen
– See the overview and details of development of the weapon, and costs
– Study the advanced control mechanisms, preventing unlawful launch
– See the list of primary targets, preset for immediate launch, if necessary
– Reconsider the questions of enemy civilian victims (collateral damage)
– Experience a launch, missile flight with beautiful sights of space and Earth, and final nuclear explosion in simulated reality (30 minutes, exemplary target: Pyongyang, North Korea)
– Be informed about special demands on military personnel, operating the weapon, and testing processes, including famous Gronholm Method: you can even fill a sample test yourself!
– See many memorabilia, related to The Dark Sun Nuclear Weapons Programme, including the famous necklace, made from diamonds and depleted uranium, signed by Kim Jong-Un, the Supreme Leader of North Korea and great ally of Czechia, given as a gift to Ivona Selnikova, Executive Director of Wu, whose beauty was highly appreciated by the DPRK leader himself, and worn by her at 2016 Vienna Opera Ball, causing great commotion in the highest levels of Austrian society!

Visit also interesting presentations and lectures:

Miroslav Kalousek (National Defence Commission):
“Becoming the 9th most powerful country of the world”
Colonel General (name classified) (Inner Circle, Czech Army):
“Questions of personal responsibility for launch and lives of thousands”
Captain (name classified), Czech Counterintelligence service BIS:
“Hunt for Nazi Germany’s WMD assets and Islamic State terrorists at Stechovice”

NOTE: Those of you, closely before or in the military age, who desire to become proud soldiers of the Czech Army, serving to the safety of us all, operating many advanced weapons, there will be an additional presentation of the Czech Military next to the exhibition, including elite Special Forces.

The Dark Sun: Nuclear Weapon of the Czech Military

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