Wu Corporation: Guerilla Questionnaire for Rebels, Insurgents, Terrorists. Corporate Terrorism Financing. Strategy Organization Definition Documentation Paperwork Application Group

When conspirators from multinational Wu Corporation, originating from China and rumored to be one of the most powerful companies of the world (a founding Triad of Megacorporations member), consider to provide their controversial terrorism financing services or not, they demand a lot of documentation and details, to make correct decision and to support only those, who can help China to acquire more critical rare raw resources, following their position of No. 1 world superpower and global dominance.

Except Basic Questionnaire and much more demanding Advanced Questionnaire, plus obligatory Counter Infiltration Survey, there is also so called Guerilla Questionnaire, demanded to be filled extensively and truthfully by all current, potential and aspiring insurgents, rebels and terrorists (sample questions follow).

1) Define your guerilla group: current members, their backgrounds, list of names and their biography, list of potential members, supporters and symphatizers, current and projected strength after the start of the armed struggle, your visual identity (incl. logos) and general PR strategy

2) Define your goals in detail, and what changes in government you plan after your final victory. How do you plan to manage occupied/conquered territories?

3) Define your enemies/adversaries in complexity, strength of regular military and police forces in your country, plus paramilitary and militia groups, their manpower, main bases of operations, access to heavy weaponry, armored units, air force and foreign support

4) Define the means of Unconventional Warfare you plan to use and exploit in your struggle for victory, incl. time plan and general strategy, planned offensives, sabotages of critical infrastructure, terrorist attacks with which intended effect and against which targets, etc.

5) Define your current weaponry and ammunition supply status, and how you plan to get more weapons and munitions. Define your ways to get additional financial funds to finance your armed struggle

6) Do members of your group have military training and experience, and access to military and/or Intelligence and police forces of your country? State exact organizations and individuals, plus access route.

7) What unique assets can you offer to China in trade for supporting your victory? Generally, China demands unlimited right to extract raw resources on your national/controlled territory. You will repay the provided financial support with raw materials, the key for Chinese dominance in the world, as money have no value, only precious stones count today.

The materials and responsible persons are to be delivered to Wu’s Main Corporate Offices Dubai, for further questioning by Internal Affairs (IA) department, and to be exposed to Gronholm Method (to identify potential traitors, corporate spies and undercover security operatives)

WU Corporation: Operations

Terrorist Conspiracy: Rebellion, Insurgency, Guerilla

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