Wu Corporation: Industrial Biotechnology

Artificial fertilizers
Agrofert Connection
Red Leaf connection – military biotech
Product: CULCITATE, covert poison for Special Forces Use
PHE-X series manufacturer
+ (Pheromone) Bioweapons (PHE using female body as source of energy, masked as a jewellry, use in Dubai, technology convention conspiracy)
Toxic, human tissue damage
Tasteless, colorless, makes no sedimentation, has the potential to mask and intensify potentially lethal exposures
Without addition of detection molecules (aromatic, colorant)
Internal research memorandum
Plastic explosives – Semtex COLOR, caused controversy, as it’s delivered in replicas of childish modeling clay suitcases. With added nanites for cloaking against security scanners
We FIND the seed We SHAPE the soil We SPEED the harvest We FEED the planet
We Grow Your World Together
worlwide conspiracy through agriculture, Asia
Terrorist threat – ISIS

Wu Corporation: Business Activities

Alan Svejk