Wu Corporation: Kenner, Bach & Ledeen International Legal Services New York Law Firm Illuminati Conspiracy

Kenner, Bach & Ledeen
Multinational Law firm, main executive tool for Illuminati conspiracy, owned by Wu Corporation, a member of Triad of Megacorporations

Corporate Lawfare – Legal Warfare for promoting Chinese interests worldwide (effort to achieve Chinese global dominance)

Baroness Kessler Charity Foundation: suspicion of altering last wills of wealthy seniors by lawyers, for obtaining black funds and financing black military operations of Czech Special Forces (like Tatana Kucharova‘s charity foundation does).
NOTE: The firm represented Katerina Motovska, the foundation’s executive director, to get to wealth of her disappeared husband Jan Motovsky, and to clean her from all allegations, that she orchestrated his kidnapping/murder

Accusations of supporting legal interests of controversial organizations (legal action of Centrum Cerny Most CCM against Czech Concerned Muslims CCM, terrorist misuse of Lawfare strategy: IFLA, Islamic Front of Liberating Al-Andalus)

Elite human asset:
Senior Legal Associate
Iveta Klimesova
(originally an elite fashion model from Czechoslovak Models agency)
Hong Kong, China
Serving as a Special Military Advisor (Lawfare) to Chinese Army (PLA)
Favoured by CPC (Communist Party of China)
Iveta Klimesova Fashion Model Czech Elite VIP Senior Legal Associate International Law Lawyer Hong Kong China Corporate Lawfare LAWAR Chinese Warfare - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs

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