Wu Corporation: Le Cercle Des Ambassadeurs. Gambling Casino Monaco Monte Carlo VIP Wealth Psychology Manipulation Special Forces Conspiracy Mind Control Illuminati Military

Le Cercle Des Ambassadeurs
Monte Carlo, Monaco
VIP Casino, foreign diplomats often visiting
Stylish interior decor
Main media face: Vanessa Hessler, elite fashion model

Usage of PHE-CA (civilian version of military bioweapon PHE-X) into air condition suspected, so gamblers are easily controlled, they spend more, they remain positive and optimistic, even when losing big money. Investigation of authorities cancelled, after generous bribery

Gambling Operations of Wu Corporation, incl. female seduction of gamblers (Maria Petlickova, main Laska LLC European subsidiary active)

Talitha Van Zon: VIP Luxury Hostess, suspected to be also working as a prostitute there

Chinese Intelligence Assets – Lucy Lao was working there, to retrieve HUMINT from assets

Jan Motovsky was sighted there, the evening before disappearance, in company of Petlickova

Psychology, manipulation, classified mind control procedures testing
Illuminati presence and management confirmed
Czech Special Forces – generationg black funds for financing black military operations, for example Seducing Gal Gadot (revealed by tabloid media as Operation QUEEN OF HAIFA)

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