Wu Corporation: Letter From Miroslav Kalousek From National Defence Commission To Ivona Selnikova, Executive Director. Matter: Semtex Color, The Controversial Plastic Explosive

Dear Mrs. Ivona Selnikova, Executive Director of Wu Corporation,

It has come into my attention, as the chairman of National Defence Commission and also a father, that Wu Corp’s Industrial Biotechnology division offers a highly controversial commercial consumer product, which not only raises public anger and denial, but also wide moral and security concerns, regarding our most vulnerable social group: children, as my colleague from the Czech government, Katerina Valachova, often states.


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The particular product of your company, Semtex COLOR, allegedly “a cool and improved plastic explosive”, is manufactured in “a palette of merry colors”, as your corporate website emphasizes almost joyfully, to “tune with general visual identity of your sinister, but cute and stylish (terrorist) organization”, which is very disturbing statement, let me tell you: not speaking about The Vintage Terrorist brand itself, of which is this product a part.

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Furthermore, the product package maliciously imitates innocent toys for kids, particularly modeling clay, which can be thus exchanged with Semtex COLOR easily, and although your colleagues assured me, that without a primer, the plastic explosive behaves like a modeling clay, it’s allegedly harmless, there is still risk of serious security incident, with options of massive collateral damage.


Moreover, as it was reported by the Czech CounterIntelligence service BIS to me, that this COLOR version, enhanced by nanites and cloaking ability, is not detectable by our airport scanners or general countermeasures, and that’s making Czech Militarized Police and Intelligence officers very uneasy, raising MANY serious security concerns, as the Islamic State was still not defeated, despite of all NATO proclamations, and together with Global Liberation Army, the terrorist danger is imminent and omnipresent.

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Indeed, from many reasons, we really don’t think, that it’s a good precedent to offer such controversial and dangerous products publicly, even to support the malicious terrorist enthusiasm, when such advanced ordnance is so easily and readily available for any terrorist criminal, even with complete corporate branding strategy of your company, to attract more customers, to influence their consumer behavior on psychological base. Of course, I understand, that your shareholders demand endless profit, but for which price? For any price?

I also realize, that your company has indeed a very extraordinary position in the Czech defence apparatus, as it was you, together with effective help of Kim Jong-un, who allowed us to become proud owners of deterrent nuclear armament, which prevents all invaders and aggressors to make just one step inside our beautiful Czech country, particularly treacherous Poles, our aggressive northern neighbours.



Anyway, for good mutual relationship of our beneficial military-industrial complex and continuous good business relationships, I am asking you, in the name of the Commission and the Czech people, particularly parents:

1) Stop offering Semtex COLOR publicly, and ideally, stop offering this subversive product altogether, jeopardizing Czech national security and our reputation abroad, presenting us practically as supporters of global terrorism, reminding our business cooperation with Muammar Gaddafi and Lockerbie plane bombing, executed by Libyan Intelligence assets
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2) Stop to wrap it the way, which allows easy exchange by children, and people getting hurt
3) Make your product marked, fully identifiable and detectable by common scanners

With utmost respect to you, and your company, the main defence supplier of the Special Forces of the Czech Army

Miroslav Kalousek
National Defence Commission chairman

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