Wu Corporation: PHE-CA. Casino Gambling Submission Seduction Control Female Pheromone Artificial Business Sex Sexual Hormone Corporate Conspriacy Slavery Wealth Monaco

PHE-CA: a version of PHE-X, an artificially manufactured female pheromone (sexual hormone), created for casino business, for submission of gamblers, to keep them happy and aroused, even when losing big money and life savings
Combined with Essential Oils by Jiri Cernota for brutal effectivity on any human, but particularly on men, prone to gambling, unless they aren’t Muslims, protected by Allah
Used by female operatives from LASKA LLC, a casino operations multinational firm of Maria Petlickova, to seduce gamblers for bigger spending, to execute Corporate Espionage, and to extract HUMINT for Chinese Conspiracy

Applied in Le Cercle Des Ambassadeurs, a VIP casino in Monte Carlo, Monaco

Manufactured by Wu Corporation‘s Industrial Biotechnology division
Rumors of a big theft of this dangerous substance by female urban guerillas from EGPD (Executive Group For Peace And Disarmament), to use in their Estrogen Conspiracy

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