WU Corporation: Sample Questions of Gronholm Method. Corporate Sect Human Resources VIP Employment Recruitment Mind Control Test Testing Advanced Psychology Brainwash Manipulation VIP

Obligatory test for any person, seeking high-profile VIP employment at Wu Corporation, a Chinese multinational company of immense power, using Corporate Sectarianism widely, rumored to be a tool of Chinese Communist Party (CPC), People’s Liberation Army (PLA) and Ministry of State Security (MSS), to achieve Chinese Global Dominance, controlling Economy and Critical Resources
Test prepared by Wu’s Division of Human Engineering
Test is created according to The Gronholm Method, highly controversial means of human PSY testing, originating from Military (Special Forces) environment, rumored to have even brainwashing capabilities
Other PSY measures of WU: Basic, Advanced, Guerilla Questionnaire
If you consider a corporate career at Wu, see their Recruitment Leaflet
Contact Main Corporate Offices, located Dubai, UAE, inside Burj Khalifa) for more information and appointment


Are you a healthy person?

Do you like fashion magazines?
Do you get angry sometimes?
Is your life full of interesting things?
Does your stomach hurt?
Do you like to read stories about crimes?
Do you swear sometimes?
Would you like the work of a construction worker?
Do you like to talk sex?
Do you get red spots on your neck?
Do you have peculiar thoughts?
Have you ever been in love?
Do you sometimes wish you were dead?
Do you feel cramped indoors?
Doesn’t the religion worry you?
Are policemen often dishonest?
Does a rainstorm terrify you?
Are you embarassed by dirty stories?
Do you want to have make-believe friends?
Have you had special religious experience?
Are you never angry?
Do you like high places?
Do you like romantic stories better than adventure stories?
Are you at your best at large groups?
Are you often frightened, when you wake up in the middle of the night?
Was the person who you most admired as a child a woman?
Do you need a deadline to finish your work?
When you are feeling happy, someone who is sad will spoil your mood?
Do sometimes strange men follow you?
Does sometimes a little thing will run through your mind for days and days?
Are you never embarassed?
Do you see things around you that other persons don’t see?
You have never vomitted blood?
You know who is responsible for you problems?
The sight of blood doesn’t make you sick or afraid?
Would you like to be an actor?
Can’t you often understand why you have been so irritable and touchy?
Is someone out to get you?
Would your father hate you if you got into trouble with the law?
Is there something not right about your mind?
Do you like to win when you play games?
You never liked school?
Do you want people to remember you when you are gone?
You have never cried?
Do your friends always end up double-crossing you?
Does knowing important people make you feel good because it makes you feel more important?

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