Wu Corporation: Basic Questionnaire For a Client, Employee, Asset, Operator, Supporter

In life, everything comes for a price. If you wish to become our client, employee, operative, supporter or symphatizer, the reputated Wu Corporation doesn’t ask only money and devotion from you, as we have enough of these, cheap in this postmodern world.

But there are other interesting things you could provide, which have a significant value for us: it’s information about your social vicinity, your special skills and unique knowledge, which the world never appreciated: but WU Corp will.


Before visiting our Dubai offices for friendly and relaxed preliminary hearing about options of mutual business relationships and cooperation, prepare the most detailed Intelligence file for our Internal Affairs (IA) department, containing:

Your CV (biography, resume), most detailed
2) Details about your close family and relatives, incl. names, education, professions, achievements, special features, controversial steps, internal feuds, hatred, unresolved conflicts and “bad family blood”
3) Details of your employment history (complete, incl. temporary and short term jobs), with detailed description of management structure, superiors and bosses, incl. their mistakes, vices, rumors about them
4) Details of your love life, names and details about your ex and present lovers, their positions, weaknesses and special abilities, suitable to be exploited by Wu Corporation
5) Details of your education, incl. schoolmates and their details like above
6) Describe us your secret desires, dreams and needs, which you demand to be fulfilled from Wu Corp
7) Describe your special skills and special access to places and Intelligence (social, industrial, political), which could be useful for general tasks of Wu Corporation
8) Answer the question, whether you are willing to lie to your closest family and relatives, if your personal dreams will be fulfilled
9) Answer the question, whether you are willing to become an Intelligence operative for Wu Corporation and to execute all given demanding assignments, incl. corporate and industrial espionage in high-risk environments, incl. Islamic, which could result in your accusation of high treason by your country of origin, with perspective of life-long prison sentence, serious bodily harm or even death
10) Describe your health status, past and present diseases, health problems and limitations, incl. those unreported to medical personnel previously (kept secret by you from any reason)
11) Answer the question, whether you are willing to undergo a Human Augmentation procedure at GHC Clinic, to raise your overall professional and personal effectivity and to become more useful tool for Wu’s special purposes and demanding assignments, and whether you will aprove this procedure to be executed on your children and significant others
12) State all your bad deeds, sins and crimes against law you have committed in life. Everything bad you did to hurt other people, regardless of reason, in detail, including names and all circumstances. You can take it as a confession to purify yourself from sin, and to make repentance.

All data will be checked and additional questions asked. To lie, to falsify the data or to omit the truth means immediate termination of courtship, plus possible extrajudicial punishment, as WU never forgeives to traitors and bribed infiltrators, who want to disrupt the harmony of our company.

Further Questionnaires:
Advanced Questionnaire for Security Personnel (Intelligence Services, Police, Military)
Guerilla’s Questionnaire (for insurgents, rebels, terrorists)
Counter Infiltration Survey (obligatory for all)

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