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To satisfy the highest demands of VIP clients, who expect something special and unique in their exotic travels, Wu Corporation offers VIP Tourism, directed at the most fascinating destinations of the world, but not going there as a mere tourist, like thousands of other fools: but as a Wu’s Intelligence honey trap operative in deep cover, fulfilling demanding missions and critical assignments of corporate, industrial or general espionage, including high-risk environments, where human life or health can be directly jeopardized.

Why should you go there as a foolish tourist, if you can go there as a secret agent, experiencing utmost excitement, fulfilling your old dreams, and seeing the world from other perspective?

Favorite destinations:

North Korea
… because you always dreamed about going there, leaving the whole known world of certainty and boredom, to salute the Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un and get inspired from him, and people of DPRK. What will this country bring to the future of the world? Find out yourself there… provided by Dae Song Travel Agency

United Arab Emirates
(Islamic Tourism. Discover Islam in the Emirates. Discreetly. Most suitable if you want to know more about Islam, eventually to become a Muslim secretly. Elite asset there: Marketa Korinkova Maryam)

Shanghai, China
(enter the fashion industry in Woman’s Destiny ranks, and defeat that competitors from Prada, Hermes, Louis Vuitton… a real operative there: Alexandra Pianka)

Virgin Islands
(create a big laundry machine in the tropical paradise, to wash all that secret proceeds of hot weapon trade)

Gaza Strip, Palestine
(find an answer, where is the truth there, and what should be done with the situation)

(infiltrate the world aristocracy and understand other meaning of elite)

Mogadishu, Somalia
(become a warlord there, feel unlimited power, and supply insurgents with smuggled Russian weapons)

Hong Kong
(establish a Private Equity project there, or a hedge fund, and become a tax evasion ace, stealing money from dumb sheep)

Teplice, Czech Republic
(1. see and feel the future of infidel Europe. Evade interest of Czech Counterintelligence service BIS and establish a channel to import Islamic propaganda there, as a part of CCM Wahhabi Jihadis ranks. Goal is simple: the city must belong to Allah 2. become an Illuminati and think about a way, how to misuse local nuclear arsenal and TDE, time displacement equipment)

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
(conduct secret medical experiments on people there, in highest interest, as a member of the mystical Order of the White Serpent. Become an Illuminati conspiracy mastermind in a white coat, far distant from being a mere doctor and Hippocratic Oath)

Washington, United States
(you are a Russian spy, a mole in CIA’s ranks, with simple goal: to gather dirty laundry on Donald Trump, to prepare his impeachment via a Russian Information Operation)

(search for alleged Nazi base from 1940s, and steal all the secrets, including gold, precious paintings and classified weapon prototypes)

Raqqa, Syria
(face your worst nightmares and find the real organizer of ultimate terrorist conspiracy, the Islamic State)

And much more…

Don’t forget: travelling with Wu begins in Dubai main offices, filling the obligatory questionnaires and being tested with Gronholm Method (see sample questions).

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