WU Corporation: Walther PPK 7.65mm Pistol With Brausch Silencer For Vintage Assassins, Guerillas, Rebels, Insurgents, Activists, Terrorists, Freedom Fighters, Soldiers. Shadows, Conspiracy, Liberation

From the dawn of mankind, various assassins, conspirators and terrorists, often apparently marginal and inconspicuous losers, despised and ignored by many, apparently powerless men and women without any influence, were able to change the history dramatically, just by one efficient stab of a knife, one quick pull of a trigger, which meant serious, even devastating consequences, and turn of all favors, influencing fates of millions.

As history fully confirms, a single successful executive action, elimination, neutralization, executive sanction or terminating with extreme prejudice (=assassination) can change defeat to victory, oppression to liberation, humiliation to respect, it can create a national valorous hero from an original loser, so his or her name will be forever remembered.

Only one key man or woman can make huge difference.

For such noble purposes of liberation through shadows, Wu Corporation offers stylish Walther PPK 7.65mm pistol, equipped with Brausch silencer, a part of famous Vintage Terrorist collection

Also check Special Munitions limited offer, it will come handy!

What about some cool plastic explosive, if you like spectacular shows? Check the limited edition of Semtex COLOR!

Or maybe some deadly toxin from (in)famous Dr. Thrax instead? Remember, that Industrial Biotechnology division of Wu Corp. provides unlimited options of liquidating bothering pests!

And don’t forget, that Wu Corp provides also their reputated Terrorism Financing services! Launching a revolution against corrupted masterminds, overthrowing sick Orwellian regimes with their omnipresent surveillance, was never so easy!

Wu Corporation: Products (Military)

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