Wu Corporation: WU International Banking

Collects black money deliberately, offers assistance in illegal financial transactions, incl. Money laundering by Stratton Oakmont Inc. (casino gambling business) and allegedly even financial support of terrorism
Tax heavens – Cayman Islands main financial centre
Purpose: to collect Intelligence on dirty trades in the world, for later bribery and extortion of participating white-collar assets (criminals) with “skeletons in wardrobe”, so power and influence of China in the world can be reinforced
Wu Bank is untouchable by any police force of the world, as state officials receive very good offers of managing and investing their own money (through their wives, girlfriends, and mothers)
Main subsidiary: Hong Kong
Wide cooperation with Wu’s investment banking (New York)
Rumored participation of Laska LLC (escort agency, Las Vegas, Nevada, led by Maria Petlickova, a former Czech fashion model)

Wu Corporation: Financial Services

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