Yara: The Lebanese Queen

The country of Lebanon is a world superpower of fascinating female singers, who contribute widely to spread the fame of Beirut, a rising cultural star, through the whole Middle East. But one of them really steps out of the crowd: Carla Nazih Berkachi (*1983), using her stage name Yara, is the most impressive in many senses.

Yara 6 - Alan Svejk VIP AffairsHer work is so original and her appearance so catching, that she seems fully qualified for a Lebanese presidential candidate in the future. She is a pure personification of an Arabic modern woman leader, using very strange branding strategy: although she is around just thirty years of age, she uses distinctive makeup to seem at least ten years older, to represent some kind of maternal, mature female power, rising appropriate warm feelings in young Arabic male and female audience, a good public example to follow, to find themselves in life.

Her voice and appearance are both alluring, and dominating. Anything she says has power and influence, and that makes Yara the most qualified for a political career. The unstable situation in the Middle East desperately needs wise and moderate female leaders like this, but it can’t be excluded, that these strong cultural icons will be used for another round of cultural warfare to gain power and control in the region. In any case, the worlwide multinational corporations, specialized in luxury goods, use this opportunity to promote their merchandise very widely, and Yara herself is a face of famous “Piaget” luxury watches.

Yara 2 - Alan Svejk VIP AffairsHowever, Yara’s special qualities provide very deep experience. Many people will go to buy some tomatoes, immediately after seeing her video clip “Ma Yhemmak”, where Yara represents a wise and peaceful queen of an unknown kingdom, who participates with her subordinates in preparing a big tomato party – it seems that the harvest was very rich that year.

To see immensely beautiful Yara working between other happy females in a bright kitchen, singing and having fun, with suspicious help of a dwarf, who has his own plans how to secretly seize queen’s power and mess things a little bit in the process, is something to remember, mostly for people who come from unhappy families. In other scenes, she is dressed differently, as a real queen, prepared by her female servants perfectly, so she shows her two faces: no wonder, that she is deeply loved and respected by her people. And of course she sings about a deep love, her love interest is represented by a young male fashion model, carrying a crate full of tomatoes, who looks fifteen years younger than she. Well, queens also have their secret pleasures.

It was mentioned, that some people will inhale deeply after seeing this music video. Where are females like this, who have so much fun preparing food for others, who enjoy their work in the kitchen? Many people in the decadent Europe of last few decades know very different women, who pursue their corporate career like obsessed, their head is completely messed with eternal thoughts and stress, an University education is a must, otherwise they couldn’t value themselves, and the family greatly suffers from this questionable life route they have chosen.

Of course, that these poor women are a product of decadent, selfish and preposterous postmodern capitalist society, who succumbed to hard pressure of media propaganda, female magazines and peer pressure, who persuaded them, that a “modern woman” is able to achieve anything, career, family, public activities, otherwise she is a loser. This feature is a very dangerous copy of eternal media massage for males, who are motivated to participate in high-risk actions, including grey activities, even crime, to be “somebody”, to acquire money and influence.

Yara 5 - Alan Svejk VIP AffairsBut to see Yara and her companions, who live so differently… it’s a soothing feeling. Maybe the Middle East could us teach something, like that family simply needs a woman in full-time care. Maybe that current massive immigration from Syria to Europe can enhance us somehow.

However, Yara’s work is much wider. And another most impressive creation is her song “Ana Ensanah”, with completely different, even depressing atmosphere. She sings about a love she had lost, and everything seems very dark. However, she looks so beautiful and decisive, still devoted to her lost love.

Her voice seems even heavenly soothing in another work of hers, where she appeals to a man to take good care of her, and she will give him everything in return. She is accompanied by a male chorus here, and a beautiful piano melody. To see her convincingly shy is another unique experience, only confirming her universal abilities to express her mood and feelings, persuading audience about them easily.

Although Yara work is yet much wider, the tomato tale is a call for European women to wake up from their fake dream about purpose of their life. In the end, these “personalities” behave better to foreign people, than to their own, and they are always “busy”. And it’s terrible to live in such conditions, to experience it first-hand. No child should experience this feeling, like being pushed away, because selfish Mom has “her interests”. Of course, to have parents is a gift, but still: you always want more, you want to live in an ideal family, and although your parents made much good for you, it can happen that you will always think that they could do even more.

Marrying a beautician from the Middle East seems like the best choice for sustainable life, future and guaranteed good environment for future kids.

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