Zuzana Jandova: Dream About Islam

Although the Czech Republic is reputated in the world as a place, where many beautiful women live, shine, inspire and seduce the infidel fools, who worship them in their dumbness instead of Allah, much more wise Islamic guidance, without any doubt, Zuzana Jandova (*1987) is one of the most fascinating Czech fashion models of the last twenty years.

Possessing unusual type of striking beauty and 178 centimeters of height, she is indeed a perfect creature of Allah, and it’s indeed easy to get completely lost in the deep look of her eyes, if you are not protected and guided by the Lord, walking on the Straight Path of Islam, and Zuzana Jandova’s victory at Miss Czech 2008 beauty contest was more than deserved, as the Czech infidel fools could be proud of their country again, when they saw, what treasures their faithless land, only slowly liberated by Islam, has.

When Zuzana Jandova won the contest, many doors in the world were opened to her, including VIP circles, and she was courted even by powerful Illuminati aristocrats, who promised her the most shining future, touching the VIP stars, if she will participate in their suspected worldwide conspiracy, and she will become one of them, like many others, including Czech women, like Jitka Cvancarova, because it’s simply too easy to succumb to all the shine and glamour, which the VIP world represents.

But Zuzana Jandova was simply different inside. Of course, she didn’t forget to speak about her alleged dream of saving the world, like any fashion model, who wants to promote herself, and show “the good face”, to seduce the audience, but in practice, Allah led the girl in much different directions, as it’s clear today.

So many years, she was in the process of searching, never able to be fully content in the world, even with all her achievements, public admiration and tabloid media attention. Of course, that Zuzana Jandova knew, what is the real face of this shiny glamorous world, much less impressive, but what else was out there to find, to accept, to follow?

She roamed the world, gaining success at the world catwalks of endless fashion shows and VIP clubs for elite, but at the same time, she searched for wisdom from many sources, including sects and cults, but you can walk through the whole world, to find what was always inside you, and the liberation is only your choice: simply by discovering Allah, who knows, sees and hears anything you do, and nothing in the world happens without His will and permission.

But Zuzana was still a Czech infidel woman, ignoring and rejecting Islam, not perceiving it as a tool of liberation, but oppression instead: and this assumption can’t be more wrong.

Then, one fateful evening in October 2012, Zuzana Jandova met with her old friend from the fashion modeling branch, Marketa Korinkova. They met in the famous VIP café in Prague, called “Café-Café”, to have a female chat, but without Zuzana’s knowledge, this quite common meeting was the breaking point of her life.

The reason was, that Marketa shared certain very explosive news to her friend: that she was approached by the Israelis, who offered her a contract you simply can’t refuse, if you are a hungry young woman, who wants to touch the stars: they want to send her into Dubai, to execute certain “special tasks” there for them, and it concerned the Dubai ruling family of Al Maktoum themselves.

But there was a price to pay for all the promised achievements and perks: Marketa confessed, that she suspects her new Israeli masterminds, that they expect her to convert to Islam, so she can work better as a battering ram into the highest social circles of Dubai, and a tool of Israeli infiltration there, with vast possible consequences for the whole Arabic world, including Saudi Arabia.

During the evening, Zuzana Jandova was still a fashion model in nature: cold, calculating, ruthless, willing to use elbows to promote herself in the highly competitive world.

So, although she pretended, how cordially she listens to her friend, how trustworthy connection and good friend she is, in reality, she planned to handle the shocking information about Marketa Korinkova, a rising star, to the omnipresent, lurking tabloid media, particularly to Pavel Novotny, her old media contact with extremely high mass media influence, in exchange for some favorable articles about herself, because that’s the way, how that gossip magazines for the miserable infidels work, to bring them “bread and games”, so the infidel sheep can forget their failures, at least for a precious moment.

But in the end, there was never this expected treason. Something happened, when Zuzana was driving her red Mercedes limousine, provided by one of her rich potential lovers and admirers, home.

When she was driving to the night streets of Prague, she remembered something about angels: and in Islam, two of them are watching your good, and bad deeds all the time, looking from your right and left side, and you greet them at the end of any Islamic prayer, to remember their persistent presence.

Indeed, when Zuzana Jandova remembered them, she became a better person at once, and she was more calm suddenly, feeling, that she has found maybe, what she was looking for so long time.

Marketa Korinkova Maryam Islam Muslim Allah Fashion Model Dubai UAE Czech MM8She didn’t know in that time, that Marketa Korinkova, later known as Maryam (=The Mother of Isa/Jesus) and Islamic Princess, will become the ultimate Islamic missionary, executing so called Da’wah in Dubai, and in certain sense, Zuzana Jandova was the first world VIP, which was influenced by this upcoming carrier of Islam, packed in a tall, seducing female body of a fashion model (see The Maryam Affair).

What Zuzana Jandova considered most interesting after this moment of certain enlightenment, was, that when she became more soft towards the world, her fashion modeling success didn’t disappear, in the contrary: when she allowed Islam to enter inside her, the world seemed to notice, and yet better fashion modeling contracts from abroad started to come, like if the world would appreciate, that Zuzana Jandova was always a woman of values, she never let the medical personnel to mutilate her sacred body by inserting silione into her breasts… indeed, the balance she wanted and deserved, it slowly came, since the moment, when she met with Islam for the first time, and she realized its massive advantages herself, including the optics of potential ashion model success, when she saw later, how far her friend got in the Emirates, following her conversion to the only complete and perfected religion, and way of life: Islam.

Indeed, Allah rewarded Zuzana Jandova in many ways, and she started to worship Him by doing good deeds, pleasing the angel by her right shoulder.

In front of a Mosque, house of Allah

In front of a Mosque, house of Allah

Anyway, Zuzana Jandova never became so loud voice of Islam, like Marketa Maryam Korinkova, because such was the will of Allah: she learned to be modest, and why it’s better to be silent, even if you think, that you need to shout, to get noticed, to assert yourself in the ruthless world: but you would only show your weakness and insecurity, that you need others, and their mercy, whereas you don’t need them in reality, you need only Allah.

Thus, Zuzana Jandova became something as a spiritual leader, teaching people the importance of modesty, silence and peace, which can be found only in Islam, the religion of peace: your submission to Allah will result in peace, and this is for life, it can’t be taken from you by any wordly fool, be it an alleged authority, court, person or event.

Of course, that the Gülenists, an Islamic sect of traitors, apostates and terrorists, originating from Turkey, trying to grasp power in the world and recruit new influential members, tried to get close to her, to make their puppet from her.

But how can you win over anyone, who is protected by Almighty Allah?

“When I arrived home after that meeting with Marketa,” Zuzana Jandova remembers the evening after several years, “it was quite a warm October night, so I sat in the terrace yet, to enjoy the night, to be in peace. But I was quite tired that day, after a demading photo-shoot, so I feel asleep slowly… and in that moment, just before I lost my conscience, I felt, like if someone would touch my hand, with so soft touch, which I never experienced in my life.

I opened the eyes immediaely, scared, that it’s some thief, burglar, criminal or terrorist, who wants to rob me or hurt me, but there was no one around, only peaceful, sleeping world.

In that moment, yes, I accepted Allah. I didn’t promise Him anything: it was a deal without words. But believe me, that He cared for me so beautifully, like no man would: and what more needs a woman for happiness?”

Indeed, Allah knows, who you are, what you do, and how to make you balanced, happy, in peace, losing all that madness and obsession for consummation of the world, pleasures and cheap worldly achievements, which will pass to ashes, meaning nothing, not able to heal you.

Although Zuzana Jandova never recited Shahadah obviously, never wore a hijab, never entered the Islamic Czech community, she is one of the most respected voices of Islam in the Czech lands, often working in the Islamic Czech city of Teplice for the wealthy clients from the Middle East, to be yet closer to her Lord.

Indeed, whoever meets Islam, he or she won’t stay unaffected for too long: and this is the way, how the world is changed by Islam.

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