Zuzana Jandova: Code Name Black Widow. Elite Fashion Model Knows How To Enchant Men. Sexy Seduction Infiltration Honey Trap Espionage Operative Czech VIP Illuminati Estrogen Power

Very soon, after the elite Czech female fashion model and Miss Czech 2008 Zuzana Jandova was released from mental hospital at Prague-Bohnice, where she ended after an alleged Illuminati mind control test, executed by Special Forces of the Czech Army, which allegedly went wrong, because of so called Keyword 76, and she allegedly made a suicide attempt, the Czech public now discovers the real extent of Zuzana Jandova’s new mind programming, serving to unknown interests, where omnipresent Chinese (Wu Corporation), Czech Army, Almighty Allah and of course mystical Illuminati are suspected to be her new master, sponsor and guidance, providing her immense strength and determination to fulfill her unknown assignments.

Many fools thought, that Zuzana Jandova’s professional career is finished, following her hospitalization, but they were so wrong. Maybe the “incident” was even deliberate part of the complex plan? To remove, to erase “old and weak” Zuzana, and create “new”, much more powerful woman, servant of superior force? Anyway, se returned much stronger, possibly augmented, and now she reveals her new skills, capabilities, but also unique style, which attracts men, like light attracts moths.

Zuzana Jandova: Woman Is Deception. Elite Female Fashion Model In National Security Service

What Zuzana Jandova is doing now, is very simple, even primitive, but only a fool would search for some complex riddles in feminity, which is based on testing, finding and exploiting male weaknesses. And the very special version of feminity, which Zuzana presents now, is completely unstoppable, most suitable for building her new empire of power, influence, fulfilled girlish dreams, balance, happiness and mission in life. She was wandering so long, looking for those values: but in the end, with the help of Allah, she found. Only now, she is complete.

The only one question remains: to what interest(s) she serves? And when will this entity collect all debts from Zuzana Jandova, whose eyes are now cold but deep, making male fools completely crazy for her?

She uses the fact, that she was hospitalized, as her advantage, revealing her alleged vulnerable side deliberately, provoking male fools to save her from alleged doom and misery, to protect her and share their resources with her generously, to be real men. Because that’s how the wordly game works: if you have it, then show it, and you will never have to sleep alone.

Zuzana Jandova, as highly experienced fashion model, who conquered the fashion world, including Milan, Italy, she knows exactly, how to provoke men effectively, how to persuade them to start mad hunt for her, make investments into her, whereas she is still remaining unreachable, because men like precious, expensive, hard-to-get doves.

She knows well, that to make slave from a man, you have to steal sanity from him first. Then, he will give you everything, money, cars, villas, he will leave his beloved wife and family, he will burn everything just because favor of capable women like Zuzana…

It shows now, that the disturbing fact, that Jandova was hospitalized, only adds more spice into her attractivity, because men, from some reason, like various female psychopaths, sociopaths and generally disturbed, divided female personalities, as they consider this trait as exciting, and dangerous: and they love such things, which have both these questionable features.

On one side, they are afraid of Jandova, that she could be dangerous, on the other side, they feel, that only her, this Dark Queen, this Black Widow, can awake the real manhood inside them, as they were struggling with their male identity for so long, and no weak, boring slut was able to help them.

But Zuzana promises clearly, that she is able to be such ultimate help, as she is a tool of Allah Himself, although the price of such “service” of male awakening will be immense, ultimate and absolute.

Will she use her power to convert the male fools to Islam in masses, as she is suspected to be a secret follower of Allah? Her connection with Marketa Maryam Korinkova, called The Islamic Princess, who is one of the most reputated and influential Islamic women of the world nowadays, is too obvious, they were once best friends, in the old times in Prague, and there are rumors, that they met in Dubai just before the fateful SPECOPS test, which some fools call failure, but those, experienced in media games and Influence Operations a little bit, see this operation as immensely successful, creating unprecedented opportunities both for Zuzana Jandova and her mastermind(s).

Moreover, just recently, Czech CounterIntelligence service BIS allegedly received report from a foreign asset, informant, symphatizer or collaborator, that “something is happening in Dubai, and it concerns Islamic Princess Maryam”, as the world calls Marketa Koriunkova today, rumored to be the third, secret wife of Sheikh Al Maktoum, ruler of Dubai, even conceiving an alleged child with him just recently, as citizens of the United Arab Emirates whisper, although gossip and slanders are forbidden in Islam.

Children… they also occur in the Jandova’s tale and latest conspiracy theories too often. They are rumored to be even of her “secret keywords”, controlling her new mind programming.

It all started, when it was revealed, that Imprivata NextGen HealthCare IT systems, multinational Wu Corporation‘s subsidiary, offers to augment children, so they will have all the personal and character mistakes removed, and VIP future will be expecting them.

Innocence Of Children Lost: Imprivata Offers Human Augmentation For National Security

Then, Jandova reported herself in a media interview with Heavy Slander, the key Czech tabloid magazine, that before the Illuminati test was started, the nurse, who approached her, was “rather a child, or an angel”, as she descibed it. But readers thought, that she speaks under influence of pills.

However, when she was released from hospital, she started literally flooding her social media with… striking pictures, where she is depicted with children, and she has very powerful expressions in her face, like if she would call male fools, to consider her as perfect mating material, approach her and court her. But there is more just her emotions. There are clear obvious and hidden signals she sends, as pictures and visual can serve for perfect PSY transmissions.

The title picture of the article, originating from a Xmas advertisement campaign, when Jandova is kissing a small girl on lips (!), speaks for itself. And it only confirms her present deep connection with children and some kind of obsession with maternal role, maybe even dominance, as mother is ultimately powerful entity. But it’s just the beginning:


zuzana-jandova-czech-fashion-model-top-elite-woman-female-social-leader-islam-muslim-allah-convert-dubai-uae-emirates-mosque-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairs-sNot too much women can afford such things, like wearing no makeup and completely low-life male shirt of excessing size, which is absolutely out of any charts of “fashion”. Still, Zuzana Jandova, master of feminity and deception, sends clear message, that she is willing to be a modest, obedient, submissive, passive and silent woman, putting her glamour and beauty aside, if needed, and she is willing and able to take care of an offspring just perfectly. But when you will need, fool, she will become that ultimate fashion queen you worship. Thus, she presents her “double face”, known to be a part of Illuminati programming (keyword: divided personality).

Also, notice, how childish seems her own face here. This is the guaranteed way, how to awake paternal instincts in any fool, regardless of age, size, wealth and social status. Here, she says, that you can manipulate her… but she lies, as in practice, she will play you just perfectly, finding all your weaknesses immediately, and pushing on them. But maybe you will like to be that submissive man, who is sometimes deliberately persuaded, that he is “ruler of mankind”? Just to keep you satisfied, overeaten and happy, not seeing that you are a slave.

In that moment, she will have control over them, becoming real Black Widow, real Dark Queen, which you created in your sick mind… at least she will make you think so. Because to sell their own dreams to people… that’s the way to be successful.

Notice also her immensely long, slim fingers. Zuzana Jandova’s 180 cm of height is enough for any fool, to be more than shining companion and luxurious accessory to his honorary right hip. Whichever fool experienced that feeling, when you walk with a tall and shining woman… he knows, what it’s about, much different, than common schmutzig female.

And imagine, how can it feel, when such long, slim fingers are caressing you. Just close your eyes, imagine those palms on yur muscular back, when you will lie on her, and she will be submitted, loving only you, totally dedicated only to you, dependent on you… and you will understand.


zuzana-jandova-czech-fashion-model-top-elite-woman-female-social-leader-islam-muslim-allah-convert-dubai-uae-emirates-mosque-3-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairs-sIf you are a proper alchymist, you need to combine essences in suitable order, to create a good potion. Here, Jandova returns you to reality, reminding you, that she is truly a striking female, a fashion model, a male dream. Although she smiles modestly, without expressive effort to enchant you, those eyes are simply catching attention immediately (she even uses special make-up here). Then, your eyes move to the child on the right side, and you are assured again, that this woman has materhood like second nature inside her. What better woman can be out there?


zuzana-jandova-czech-fashion-model-top-elite-woman-female-social-leader-islam-muslim-allah-convert-dubai-uae-emirates-mosque-4-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairs-sAlthough it can’t be seen on the picture, the small smiling girl has Down syndrome. But before you start to pity her, wake up, and return to reality: in the right hands, this girl can become a battering ram of ingenious propaganda, how to manipulate you just perfectly. For example, in combination with a striking, tall, elite fashion model with beautiful eyes, hair, smile, face and everything, like Zuzana Jandova, you receive this message as a man: if there will be a problem with mating, if conceived child of you two will be born with some problem, health issue or challenge, Jandova will never reject it, as a perfect mother. She will take care of it, and she will love it. Do you need more proofs about depth and quality of her maternal prerequisites? No, you don’t…


zuzana-jandova-czech-fashion-model-top-elite-woman-female-social-leader-islam-muslim-allah-convert-dubai-uae-emirates-mosque-2-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairs-sEvery person has a basic instinct, to be in a positive, happy environment. Here, Jandova persuades you, that she is able to supply you with such positive feelings, generated simply by her immense smile. She will take care of you, and the child, she has enough of love for you both. She will also make you young forever, as here, she looks rather as a schoolgirl, covering her mature breasts deliberately: notice the collar, like if she should be wearing some cute girlish dress. And the dark side of any man wants to fuck a school girl: innocent, fresh, pure, naive virgin, perceiving him as a god. And that is, what any man wants to be… but that older, used sluts have seen too much, and they can be hardly impressed.

Of course, if they don’t start to lie with purpose, that you are the biggest they have ever seen… because it’s exactly what an old, but still naive idiot like you wants to hear, and sluts know that. They know their male prey well. This ability was granted them by Allah, to counter male physical superiority.

That big brick of gold on the right side, combined with golden packing Xmas paper, is interesting. Like if one of the guests of the Xmas celebration would bring only gold-wrapped gifts, to be stylish and shining in all circumstances? Somebody very rich, or obsessed with gold? Was it Zuzana herself? Her golden nails are suggesting so, she considered every small detail, as you can see, she is a perfectionist indeed, and you want to have her in home, in your life, to be impressed by such small, but enchanting details of her original personality, creativity, and style, you want such ultimate woman, to make life surprising, exciting, not boring, like all that other fools have… in Islam, gold and silk are only allowed for women, so she send a signal of ultimate feminity.

Maybe she needs to keep the balance, so she creates interesting visual contrast between her apparent innocence, and very materialistic gold, to indicate you, that she has the price of gold, she is not some cheap bitch, plus she presents impressive collection of five bracelets on her right wrist. The brand, manufacturing the bracelet, is allegedly very fashionable in the Czech Republic nowadays: it’s called Pandora, and many male idiots are literally storming their shops, to buy quite expensive gifts to “mark”, impress and seduce their bitches.

As you can see, Zuzana apparently let at least five other fools before you, to “mark” her, and she keeps their memories until this day… still, they mean nothing, those other fools, because you are the biggest, you know that, she dreams only about you, so she will remove the sperm of your competitors (predecessors) from her body system immediately, when she will fall in love with you. And that will be soon… at least in your bold wet dreams!


zuzana-jandova-czech-fashion-model-top-elite-woman-female-social-leader-islam-muslim-allah-convert-dubai-uae-emirates-mosque-5-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairs-sMother and child, it’s ultimately intimate relationship, even private, where male fools have only limited access… so, here, Zuzana doesn’t have a look at you, she breaks the eye contact with you, to give all her affection, love, and attention to (borrowed) child, to show you, that the child must be first in the row in her priorities (behind Allah), that is her female instinct, and that is, how it has to be, although your childish self would like to have her only for you forever.

Anyway, if a female is such devoted mother… then she is ultimate female, and this is what you wanted. What more could Zuzana offer, and what more could you demand? Shining fashion model, physically impressive, tall, distinctive, but also happy, smiling, positive, taking care of you and your child… that is kind of woman, worthy of investing into, be it your time, energy, money and future.

And imagine: when she is caressing your child, she even lets wrinkles near her eyes to be seen. She is willing to sacrifice her youth and beauty for you and your child together… what more can she bring you to the altair of your ego, fool? She won’t be young and pretty forever, that’s for sure, because any woman has only limited expiry date… but you have it too.


zuzana-jandova-czech-fashion-model-top-elite-woman-female-social-leader-islam-muslim-allah-convert-dubai-uae-emirates-mosque-7-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsZuzana Jandova is really not some cheap bitch from the suburbs, as your standard, which can be obtained for a bottle of cheap wine, some cheap macho talk and one Pandora bracelet, fool. She is an elite, available only for elite. Superiority, dominance, victory (of Islam). Got the maths, fool?

She uses weakness and obsession of men just perfectly. After previous years, when her own love life sucked, now, she matured, and she became a queen… but who gave her such effective advices? It was hardly some clever book.

It had to be somebody with immense power: either God (Allah), or an entity, who tries hard to impersonate His might: Chinese multinational Wu Corporation, as China rules the world today without any serious competition, sending even once mighty Israelis into second league of geopolitical power.

Wu Corporation: Advancing The Human Kind

There is a rumor, that Jandova’s mission is to literally suck power, resources and data from these men, either persuading them to convert to Islam, or to supply Wu Corporation with Intelligence data with immense value, because the men will be willing to literally strip in front of Jandova in all senses, revealing all secret weaknesses, vices and obsessions, and their secret access to important social, material and political resources.

She is simply too strong, unnaturally strong, regarding the fact that she made no obvious social connections, she doesn’t use some other entity as her cover and battering ram, and Saudi Arabia with their Superior Woman worldwide programme allegedly made no open connection with her, as inside sources from Czech CounterIntelligence service BIS confirm. She faces the world completely alone, and it works, as it shows the fools, that she is not afraid, that she is not hiding under cover of makeup and female deception, that she is REAL WOMAN, which the men want, naturally.

Superior Woman Comes From Saudi Arabia

“Heavy Slander”, the mentioned key Czech tabloid magazine, was really impressed with Jandova’s new and very distinctive style, and they even published some opinions of men (and one woman), regarding “new” Zuzana Jandova.

Filip “Bruza” Bruzek (25), Cicelice, professional car thief
“Man, she is some real bitch.. I mean, in one moment, she poses with a cute child, speaking with her eyes, that she is gonna be the best, sweetest and most caring mother in the world, so you should court her, to invest into your perfect future, and then, she makes a deadly pose, that I am afraid, running to hide under my mom’s skirt, because she is connected with Illuminati, Army, Chinese… oh, that’s powerful! I want this unbelievable, unique slut just for myself! I want to serve to the bitch, if she will share her power with me!”

Ladislav “Laco” Imrich (37), Prague-Liben, unemployed
“Inside blood of us Tsiganes, there is madness and darkness, that’s why we shout and use knives easily, and if you are a Gypsy, you can recognize darkness, when you see it.
I am telling you, this is a witch! My sisters say, that she operates with some dark power, maybe Illuminati, and advise me to stay away from her.
But how could a top fashion model, like her, want a poor Tsigane, like me, anyway? Unemployed for 16 years, withut perspectives, living in a ghetto?
Still, I feel, that we are connected. What is inside me, and her. I feel this powerful bond and I can’t stop thinking about her. Like if only she from all non-Gypsy women could be the one I want for my specific needs?
This woman is magical.”

Petr “Prasopes” Pycha (29), Prague, IT Specialist
“She shows us, how fucking boring the contemporary women are!
Yes, I want some Illuminati bitch like her! I want to enjoy real feminity, not that general parody, full of fake lashes, fake or stuffed tits and plastic nails… disgusting!
And look at Jandova: she is maybe brainwashed, maybe she has lips and tits job made, but she still seems natural. I wonder, how her sweat smells like… I would like to taste it. Do you know, that sexual attractivity is closely connected with scent of sweat?
She really knows, how to sell herself, how to raise her market value into maximum. And did you notice that dynamics? In one moment, just weeks ago, she was considered as loser by the public. And now? Thousands of male fools are dreaming about her. How could such thing happen? She had no media power, nothing. Those Illuminati conspirators really know their dark job well.”

Libor “Cingrle” Cingr (18), Teplice, student 
“She is definitely not my generation, man, she is even taller, than me… but still I desire for her, because I see my older sexy sister in her! You know, that kind of perfect sister, that you go somewhere, and everybody is envying you, but she is your sister, so they don’t take you as competition, they don’t try to remove you from the scene, on the contrary, many powerful men are trying to befriend you, to get close to her through you…
Of course, that I would like to fuck her too, my beautiful big sexy seductive sister, because she loves me without limits, I am the family, she understands me and my needs, and she will help me to get rid of heavy burden of my pesky virginity…
Fuck… can you see, how this Jandova awoke deepest imagination inside me? My dreams? How fucking perfectly I feel, when I can dream?
I am grateful to my big sister for many things. Maybe I will become an artist… a photographer… yes, that’s it… and I will arrange a photo shoot with her… and ‘something’ will happen! Oooh! How much does some affordable Nikon DSLR cost???”

Karel “Mistr” Gott (77), Prague-Bertramka, singer
“Today, I am old and all my juice is depleted, but I have to admit, that Mrs. Jandova is really something. I even think, that she is setting new trends in feminity now, and according to the way other women are talking about her, including my dear wife, she really made the impression. They are not even jealous and envious, like usually… they are just staring, realizing, how small and uncomparable they are to this… I don’t know, maybe even goddess?”

Karolina “Sunny” Slunickova (24), waitress / VIP gold-digger, Louny
“She is stealing the best men from us, that’s what they say. All that places, where you could meet millionaires, are now deserted. They still buy gold, diamonds, villas and Ferraris, but none of us ‘classic’ gold diggers gets anything.
I was talking with both my friends and competitors and reports from the scene are not good. The Czech millionaire fools spend days in gym, to look perfectly, to impress her, in office, to make big money, to impress her, how big males they are, and in the evening, the idiots meet in some pub with other male fools, and instead of buying ME a drink and leading some intellectual conversation with ME, they drink beer like some primitives, trying to share strategies and experiences, how to get closer to the bitch. I heard it personally!
It’s strange, because usually, men are perceiving each other as competition, but not in this case… I really don’t know, what to think about it.
If you ask me, what impression she makes on me now… yeah, I am scared of her. There is something really scary in her eyes and face. But maybe it attracts the fools, who love danger, risks and lost games in advance. How could you believe, fool, that she will choose YOU?”


Zuzana Jandova: Illuminati For Life

Zuzana Jandova: Diamond of Your Secret Dreams About Elite Fashion Model and Loving Mother

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