Zuzana Jandova: Woman Is Deception. Elite Female Fashion Model In National Security Service. Covert Clandestine Operative Infiltration Seduction Sexy Female Woman Mission Illuminati Special Forces

Like Phoenix, the mythical bird, who is repeatedly reborn, the famous Czech female fashion model and Miss Czech 2008, Zuzana Jandova, who always searched for truth in religion and philosophy, is back in the media game, released from mental health facility in Prague-Bohnice, after three weeks of alleged hospitalization at the isolated section for “harder cases”, suspected from executing an unsuccessful suicide attempt against herself.

Zuzana Jandova fashion model Czech - Alan Svejk VIP Military AffairsWhen the shocking news hit the nation, published in Heavy Slander, the key Czech tabloid magazine, that this beautiful woman was taken to the mental hospital, and against her will, as she allegedly collapsed, under burden of debts, lack of income to pay the heavy mortgage and endless fake lies for the media, the public was indeed surprised, as Zuzana Jandova was perceived as impersonation of modern successful woman, who has everything, who is able to touch the stars, for whom there is no obstacle, and whose special, unusual kind of female beauty was widely appreciated, even in Milan, Italy, by Giorgio Armani, famous Italian fashion designer, himself.

But it showed apparently, that any human has his or her limit, and glamorous world of fashion modeling, full of lies and fake impressions, is not only a girlish dream, but sometimes even nightmare. After all, it’s the artist world, based on creativity, imagination, dreams, visions, concepts, where you can lose contact with reality easily, where you can never be sure, what is truth, and what is fake, but seducing dream, leading you astray.

There are rumors, that mystical Illuminati ceased to support Zuzana Jandova with high-quality modeling contracts and money, which kept her on the artistic and social top, when she declined from them, when she turned her beautiful face away from the Devil, and she started to search for truth in various New Age cults and sectarian lores, only to discover the only complete and perfected religion of peace, Islam. And Allah likes to test His believers.

It’s strange, how much similar is Zuzana Jandova’s recent fate to Marketa Korinkova, later known as Maryam, the Islamic Princess, her best friend from Prague, who is long gone from Czech media space, now making big professional and personal career, and also intensive da’wah, Islamic missionary activity, in the distant United Arab Emirates. And many rumors are circulating about her there… like, that she secretly wedded the Sheikh Al Maktoum, ruler of Dubai, effectively becoming his third secret wife, even conceiving a secret child with him.

But originally, Maryam  was also pampered by a covert entity, Israelis, who wanted her to get close to the Sheikh, for purposes of so called Operation SKINNY PUPPY, a joint Czech-Israeli Intelligence/military operation, where Czech Special Forces and Israeli Mossad allegedly participated, but in certain critical moment, they left Maryam completely without funds and jobs in the shiny but expensive Emirates, and it was only Allah, who could help her in that complicated situation, so she could liberate from undesirable dependence on her original, treacherous and unreliable masters, who liked to push her against the wall, to have control over her.

Islamic Princess Maryam: Her Best Friend

But unlike her friend, Zuzana Jandova remained at her Czech infidel/atheist homeland, as she knew her limits: she was only a local star, that was her destiny. But in Czechia, Islam is perceived highly negatively by general public, so she needed to keep low profile, afraid of losing public favor, and it would mean losing business opportunities. But Allah allows hiding your true faith, if persecution in some form could jeopardize you (see Taqiya).

If she had Allah, and His ultimate guidance… how is it possible, that she succumbed to some worldly pressure? Some dumb mortgage, some disappointment, when some alleged sponsor of her alleged photography exhibition retracted his support in last moment?

Or was the whole tale different, than served by the corrupted media?

The reason is, that at least two witnesses allegedly reported meeting Zuzana Jandova in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, just one week before her “alleged” collapse, hospitalization and isolation in Prague.

VIP Islamic Tours: Discover Islam in the Emirates. Discreetly

Mr. Pravdoslav Dobytek from Prague-Liben, a Czech tourist in Dubai, swears, that he met Jandova near Burj Khalifa, the critical landmark of Dubai, where she was talking with a man of apparent Middle or Eastern European ancestry, around forty years of age, dressed in very expensively looking suit, appearing like a highly positioned business executive, and Mr. Dobytek is not only willing to testify in front of a court, when challeged by Heavy Slander Chief Reporter, Pavel Novotny, who took very deep interest in investigating the affair, but he also provided picture of the man, who was allegedly identified by Novotny’s wide network of informers, as Mr. Dobytek wanted to take a picture of the Czech Miss, right when she was talking with her unknown male companion.

slaves-of-darkness-illuminati-mind-control-fashion-model-conspiracy-h-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsBut identity of this man should remain secret, at least until Special Issue of Heavy Slander, called “Slaves of Darkness” and dedicated to fashion models under Illuminati mind control, will be published, or until Novotny would make a good deal with benefactors of this man from Dubai, who won’t wish to let him fall, when depicted in tabloid media, thus blowing his corporate cover.

“After collecting all the facts and evidence, I have to present my most firm opinion, that Zuzana Jandova is lying to us, at least in certain sense. And I have justified suspicion, that she participated as ‘Subject 002’ in a high-profile Illuminati mind control test, executed by Special Forces of the Czech Army, designated with code name ‘Operation ANGELIC VAMPIRE’. But this test went wrong somehow, and she collapsed,” Novotny shocked the Czech public.

Operation ANGELIC VAMPIRE: Teaser

“We are 90% certain, that we know, what happened. Jandova was informed in advance by Military masterminds, that the particular test can be risky, still, she agreed with her participation. Why? Did they promise her so much money? Or some interesting job? It’s hard to believe, that miserable Czech Army, a pitiful loser in NATO ranks, would be so generous. Or did they blackmail her? What kind of dirty laundry could they have against her?

Anyway, the reason, why she ended in a mental hospital, and why that ridiculous cover-up with collapse was created to fool us, was so called KW76, and after extensive research, we know, what it was. It was NOT a chemical substance, as you could expect.

KW76 means ‘KeyWord 76’, it’s simply a mere word from a long list, which is attached to the Operation ANGELIC VAMPIRE’s detailed plans. They executed the operation, using this complex list, to brainwash their victims, or test subjects. And as you know, I had the honor to hold and read this highly classified document: the fools from Czech Army and Czech Militarized Police tried to get it back from me, executing shocking armed raid against Heavy Slander head office recently, but they failed.

Some of the words in the list were really nasty and shocking, just wait till you will read them yourself. But in the document, there was also expressive request for approval of ‘implementing of KW76’, that is how the military rats called it, and it almost cost our girl her life! Let me quote from that cursed paper:

“… our external PSY advisory team warns, that usage of KW76 in mind programming can have unforeseen consequences not only on test subjects, but it can create a complete epidemics of (KW76) in the society, as repeated experiences confirm. That is the reason, why some Western societies avoid publishing any news in the mass media deliberately, regarding (KW76), to avoid such epidemics, hitting particularly our target group of young women…”

Does your bulb started shining already, fools? And what do you guess, that the blessed superior replied? No no, nothing like ‘it’s too risky, let’s stop it, let’s protect our girl from harm!’ You know them very poorly, it seems!

Anyway, I want to assure you, dear readers of Heavy Slander, that this revelation of Zuzana Jandova, I mean her personal participation in the operation, was NOT a part of our plan, or knowledge, it’s even a nuisance in certain sense for us now, because there is no option to alter all the content and make new conclusions, using new facts, but it simply happened, and the whole conspiracy is yet larger, than we participated originally, because ‘Subject 001’ was a foreign B-class fashion model, that’s what I can reveal to you now. The paper mentioned only her in detail, because careful military conspirators wanted to avoid domestic media attention, so they used a foreign asset.

Now, we see, that even a Czech elite fashion model was somehow involved… but it’s too late to update the upcoming ‘Special Issue’ now, as it’s printed and prepared for distribution already, so take this contribution as a free ‘tasting’ of the avalanche, because as you well know, Heavy Slander always brings you something more, to keep you entertained!

Now, listen what Zuzana Jandova has to say to the affair herself. She agreed to provide an interview, where she tried to answer our questions.

So, Zuzana: how do you feel now? Better?

Much better, thank you. I had the best medical personnel, who took care of me perfectly, who approached me very sensitively, and also my family and friends supported me. I feel better than ever, more balanced and calm. As they say, ‘what doesn’t kill you, it makes you stronger’.

Great. So, you confess, that your collapse was not the result of personal problems, mortgage and failed artistic vernissage, as the media wrote earlier, but a classified test of Illuminati mind control techniques, in which you participated, as a test subject? 

That’s correct statement, according to my best conscience. I mean… after all the pills they gave me in the hospital, my memory is a little bit blurred. But I think that it really happened.

It started in Dubai?

I was in Dubai, that’s true. I am not certain now, what I was doing there. But I know, that it had to be something extremely important.

And you met with this man there? (=Novotny shows the picture of Jandova and alleged corporate man together, taken by Mr. Dobytek)

Yes, I remember him. I met him near Burj Khalifa.

Did you visit the interior of Burj Khalifa?

Ummm… I don’t understand this question.

It’s very important, Zuzana. Did you visit the main offices of Wu Corporation, residing there? Because they were participating in the test, as a covert private contractor! They are even expressively mentioned in the official papers…

OK… yes, I did. I was there.

Wu Corporation Main Offices: Your Dreams Begin in Dubai

And did you fill their very infamous basic questionnaire?

Yes. It was some 50 pages of A4 paper. All my family, friends, collaborators, contracts, detailed CV, my health status, and much more… understand, they promised me very good deal, which I wouldn’t find otherwise. They offered me a new career in certain way. New chance. New book. I couldn’t say no, although they warned me about the risks of the test extensively.

Wu Corporation: The Basic Questionnaire For Client, Employee, Asset, Supporter

You mean, that they told you about possible future suicide attempt, which you could commit after the test? That there is such risk?

That’s true. But I didn’t believe, that such thing could really happen. I mean, I was never completely balanced person and so on, but suicide? Such thought never crossed my mind… still, I took it as acceptable risk. The rewards were immense.

OK, and this depicted man on the picture: did he tell you his name, or work position in Wu Corp.?

No. He just came, introduced only with his first name, (CENSORED), and said, that he is ‘a liaison’. He never said expressively, that he works there, although it was quite obvious, I think. And I had no reason to question his role in the affair. All I thought was money, perks and opportunities they promised me… not speaking about glamorous Dubai around, you know.

Wu Corporation: Advancing The Human Kind

And did he suggest some connection of his person with the Czech Army?

I think so. He said something about Special Forces, and some military unit, or ‘The Unit‘, to be exact, that’s how he called it, but he never said closer designation, like if everybody would know, what the word means… but I didn’t care anyway. What difference would it make for me? I understood from the beggining, that the test is made for the Army, but Wu, as private contractor, they will pay me, and provide me with that promised rewards. So I took this man rather as representative of the client. I smiled at him, as proper fashion professional… nothing more.

Special Unit C102: PSYOPS: The Estrogen Mafia

OK. And what happened after giving them the questionnaire?

I don’t remember, sorry. This part is really blurred.

Did you travel to Ethiopia? (=alleged site of Wu’s secret medical interventions, executed by Imprivata)

Ethiopia…? No, I don’t think so. But I remember, that they gave me some sleeping agent, before starting the test.

How was the test executed exactly?

Well, I didn’t realize it’s actually starting. It was a small white room, there was this young cute nurse, looking almost like a child, or an angel, who told me, that before beginning, I need to ‘relax’. So I was still completely dressed, only sitting on a common office chair. Then I don’t remember anything. Only darkness.

Innocence of Children Lost: Imprivata Offers Human Augmentation For National Security

And when you collapsed, I mean back at home… how it happened? Some traumatic memories from the test, some mind programming …?

I don’t know any details. Ask my dear friend, who found me and called the ambulance, fortunately in time, so I survived.

Can you show us the copy of the contract between you and Wu Corp.?

No, there was never a written contract, sorry. No side demanded the written form, let’s say. Barter, like in the medieval age, that’s how it goes in my branch.

So you don’t plan to take legal action against Wu? Make money from damaged career, maybe even health?

Definitely not, because they kept their part of the deal. They owe me nothing. And I don’t owe anything to them.

Excuse me??? Even if you ended in hospital, because of their silly test, and whole country considers you as crazy now? With this ‘medical condition’ in the papers, you will most likely never get licence to carry firearms for defence, and many other civic limitations… do you even realize, what it will mean for your fashion modeling career? It’s over, you hear? Or did they give you so much money, that you don’t have to work any more? Until the end of your life? Or are you completely brainwashed?

I want to rest now. This life is too short and too beautiful to spend it with miserable people like you. Thank you for understanding. That’s all from me.

Novotny obviously doesn’t like, when someone doesn’t cooperate:

… Now you see, dear readers, what Illuminati brainwashing means! What it makes with a person! She doesn’t cry for help, she doesn’t complain! She even defends them, that covert masterminds, who don’t care about human life, in the name of national security or what similar universal Orwellian lie of postmodern age and culture of fear… in few minutes, she would maybe say, that it was all her mistake! That they are innocent angels!

I don’t know… her testimony is so inconsistent, don’t you agree? Our whole Heavy Slander redaction agrees unanimously, that she either lies, or hides something. We will research the issue more, but right now, there is no useful evidence to add. So make assumptions yourself, at least this time, fools.

But if you thought, that a wreck became from Zuzana Jandova, that she is finished… you were wrong, like always, like in all general elections, believing all those political rats, who promise you heaven, and deliver hell! The reality of Zuzana is so much different, as it seems!

Yeah, you read well, fools!

Chinese Wu conspirators really helped her! Her personal brand is stronger, than ever, and several high-profile companies revealed just now, that they are counting with her for nation-wide, even international advertisement and social campaigns!

(yeah, those corporate rats, who fill sweets with poisonous palm oil, and you eat it, fools)

“Zuzana’s tale inspired many of us high executives to slow down. Her experience became a positive warning for us. She sacrificed in certain sense for many of us, and we are grateful.

Moreover, if she did it for national security of the state, it means safety of us all, defeating that terrible Islamic State terrorists… she should get a state medal! She risked her life and sanity for our future, future of our chldren, and for our country. She did for Czechia more, than those mercenaries, who invaded and occupy Afghanistan… she fought a war in our national territory, and for all of us.

For that contribution to safe and happy lives of us all, we want her in our campaign, Indeed, she is an example for us, and for our children.

Not only she is shining and beautiful, but now she also confirmed her vast human qualities! She is not mere meat on a catwalk, you can see that… she impersonates woman of the future, who understands demanding challenges of the contemporary Europe, and she is not afraid to stand in front row, defending our values, and our way of life.

Zuzana… thank you for all of us!”

(Milan, Italy)

“Her very unique beauty and determination makes her perfect face of upcoming ‘Valorous Woman’ campaign. Because we, all women, want to be like her…”

(the fashion designer himself)

“When my subordinates brought me this fascinating tale of Zuzana Jandova, a fashion model, who worked for us during 2012 Spring campaign, I was completely captivated… I think, that I saw her in my dreams recently. I know, that it’s a sign, to create a new Armani collection, called simply SUZANNE JANDOVA. She is exactly the woman I saw in my artistic visions, and the woman I want. And my devoted clients will want her too.”

So, was Zuzana Jandova a victim of inhuman technology or medical testing, or did she simply make a good business deal? And how her friend Marketa Maryam Korinkova was connected to it? The truth about Zuzana and whole affair will be hardly ever found, as covert masterminds, who sponsor(ed) her, be it Illuminati, Special Forces of the Czech Army, Wu Corporation or some other entity, they covered the events with deep fog of doubts, uncertainty and dumb conspiracy theories, most likely spread by some PR department deliberately, to hide the truth.

Deep doubts persist about the role of Heavy Slander in the affair. Did they reveal hidden truth, or did they become the tool of unknown masterminds, to spread their mastered lies? And to make a perfect cover tale for Zuzana Jandova, and her unknown activities in Dubai, Ethiopia or somewhere else?

Some marginal fool, calling himself “investigative journalist”, tried to find the mentioned alleged witness, Mr. Pravdoslav Dobytek, to cross-check his alleged testimony.

special-unit-c102-psyops-executive-action-ex-special-forces-czech-assassination-targeted-killing-military-assassin-army-islamic-state-terrorist-terrorism-syria-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairBut during his search, he had this fatal car accident, a very favorite measure of the Executive Action (EX) department of the Czech Special Forces, how to get rid effectively, inconspicuously and silently of an unconvenient witness, or rather threat for national security, as defined in their distinctive language, before so called Extreme Control Measures (ECM), including rumored assassinations in higher interest, are deployed against poor Czech citizens, who somehow became nuisance of prospering military-industrial complex.

Not Zuzana Jandova, but this naive fool become the first official victim of upcoming “Angelic Vampire” affair. Because in postmodern, post 9/11 society, you always need to stand at the right side… so the EU, alleged paradise on Earth, as the politicians promised, can flourish.

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